Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack is a fast food franchise modeled after KFC and Popeyes Chicken. Hurley was an employee—and later the owner—of a Mr. Cluck's restaurant.


Hurley as an employee[]

6x12 Mr

Hurley's humble beginnings. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

Hurley worked at Mr. Cluck's until his boss, Randy Nations, accused him of eating an 8-piece dark meat combo. His boss stated that the company was not made of money, and that if Hurley was made of money, maybe he didn't want to work there. Hurley, having just found out that he won the lottery, quit his job. One of Hurley's co-workers, Johnny, who was also Hurley's best friend, quit when Hurley quit. The two went joy riding that night and spelled out the words "CLUCK YOU" in garden gnomes on Randy's lawn.

Hurley as an owner[]


Randy shows what he believes is incriminating evidence. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Meteroid Clucks

The meteorite hits Mr. Cluck's. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Hurley and Randy's roles were reversed after Hurley purchased Mr. Cluck's with some of his lottery winnings. After Hurley decided to re-launch Mr. Cluck's, Tricia Tanaka, a news reporter from the Action 8 News, came and covered the story. During the recording, Hurley told her about his bad luck, revealing that Johnny ran away with Hurley's girlfriend after he learned about Hurley's winnings. Tricia, who complained that his comments didn't fit the "puff piece" they were filming, stopped the interview and went inside to "shoot some B-roll." Suddenly, a meteorite hit the restaurant, killing Tanaka and her cameraman. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

The particular franchise where Hurley worked, and later bought, was located in the town of Diamond Bar, California. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Minor appearances[]

Flash sideways[]

6x12 Walkabout

It's like a walkabout! ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

In the flash-sideways world, Hugo Reyes was the owner of the Mr. Cluck's corporation, having purchased it with his lottery winnings. Aboard an Oceanic Airlines flight, Leslie Arzt approached Hurley and asked him to do the Australian accent he used in television commercials, alluding to a commercial similar to the "Comic Con video" seen below. ("LA X, Part 1")

After having met Libby, Hugo moodily ordered a family-size bucket at one of his restaurants. Desmond Hume came over to him and asked if he knew him, then whether he was on Oceanic 815. Desmond pointed out that Hugo was eating a lot of chicken and Hugo explained that he eats when he is depressed. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

Comic Con 2009 video[]

At the time the video was of unknown canon status, it showed Hurley as CEO of Mr. Cluck's, doing a commercial for a new "outback chicken" dish that he had come up with while in Australia. He also mentioned that since he won the lottery, he has had nothing but good luck.


The Lost Experience[]

  • In the 7/10 DJ Dan podcast, the first caller is Brad from Michiana (southwest Michigan/northwest Indiana), who claims to have seen Alvar Hanso at a Mr. Cluck's restaurant, eating a family bucket all by himself.
    • DJ Dan asks if he was eating chicken breasts or legs and thighs. Brad answers legs and thighs, and is shutdown, saying "billionaires do not eat legs and thighs!"

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