"Moving On (Alternate, with Ukulele)" is a bonus track from the Season 6 soundtrack. It is available for digital download but is not on any physical CD release.

Scene description

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Jack learns the nature of the flash sideways: he and all his friends have died. He reunites with Christian then hugs his friends in the church. A bright light washes over them.

On the Island, Jack makes his way to the bamboo grove, where he dies with Vincent by his side.


The piece is a variation on "Moving On".

Like "Moving On", the piece begins with Jack's theme and the life and death theme, the departure theme and the home theme. The section on Hurley's third theme differs from the original track or the show, adding a ukulele accompaniment. The departure, main, home and life and death themes play next. Unlike the original track, the piece ends with a short riff on the harp of the home theme that does not play in the episode.

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