"Moving On"
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

This article is about the orchestral piece. For the transition to which the title alludes, see Afterlife#Moving on.

"Moving On" is an orchestral piece on the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays as the series closes.

Scene description

Having seen his dead father standing before him, Jack realizes that he has died too. They embrace tearfully and say they love each other. Christian reassures him that they, Jack's life and the people in the church are real but they have died -- everyone dies sometime. They made the flash sideways world together to remember their lives and to let go. The next step, says Christian, is to move on.

Jack enters the church's nave. Locke welcomes him, saying, "We've been waiting for you." He embraces Desmond and Boone. On the Island, we see Jack pass a white tennis shoe, now dirty and weathered. Hurley hugs and lifts him as Libby looks on, and four characters we saw die -- Charlie, Sun, Shannon and Sayid -- cradle a baby (Aaron). Jack hugs Sawyer, then Kate leads him to a pew.

On the Island, Jack reaches the bamboo grove. In the church, he sits down; in the grove, he collapses. In the church, he holds Kate's hand; in the grove, he holds his bleeding wound. The remaining characters in the church take their places, including Bernard, Claire, Jin, Juliet, Penny and Rose.

A dog's bark attracts dying Jack's attention. Vincent approaches, licks Jack and lies beside him, making sure he doesn't die alone. In the church, Christian pats his shoulder and walks down the aisle toward the doors. He opens them and exits, letting in a white light. Jack on the Island sees a plane fly above him and smiles through his tears.

The light engulfs Jack in the church. On the Island, his eyes close.


The piece begins by merging Jack's theme with the life and death theme. The departure theme very briefly plays, and Jack's continues until it blends into the home theme, which in turn gives way to Hurley's third theme. Again, the departure theme plays, blending with the main theme's counterpoint.

Then the home and life and death themes play together. The life and death theme continues, now blending with the main theme to form their motif from "Oceanic 815". Then the main theme plays alone, finishing the piece.


The final album release features an alternate version of the piece as a bonus track.

Title significance

In the scene, Christian says that the main characters must let go of their lives and move on together to whatever awaits them after death. Additionally, viewers and fans of Lost will let go and move on as the series ends with this scene.