The Motor Pool battle was a shootout that occurred in 1977, which pitted Radzinsky and two DHARMA men against Jack, Kate, and Daniel. ("The Variable")


After an argument at Sawyer's house, Jack, Kate, and Daniel headed over to the Motor Pool obtain a vehicle for transport to the edge of the Hostiles' territory. Just as the group was arming themselves, Radzinsky and two DHARMA men pulled up in a van, and began questioning Daniel on why he was not at the Swan site.


Once Radzinsky saw that Faraday had a gun, he accused Daniel of lying about the intentions of the group, and a shoot out battle followed. Numerous shots were fired by both parties, resulting in Daniel getting grazed in the neck by a bullet, while Radzinsky received a shot to the hand. As Jack, Kate, and Daniel ran to the Jeep, Jack opened fire on a fuel tank, resulting in a large, fiery explosion, allowing the group a small amount of time to escape.

An injured Radzinsky and his two men after the Motor Pool Battle.


Jack, Kate, and Daniel were able to flee the battle relativley unharmed, and they continued on their inital mission of finding Faraday's mother, Eloise Hawking. They drove the Jeep out to the sonic fence and abandoned it there, continuing into hostile territory on foot.

Immediately after sounding the alarm, Radzinsky went to LaFleur's house to ask him where he was during the firefight, mentioning that they had been infiltrated. As Sawyer was trying to calm Radzinsky down, a thud was heard from inside the house. Going to investigate, Radzinsky discovered Phil, gagged and bound inside a closet. Now angrier than ever, Radzinsky forced Sawyer and Juliet to surrender at gunpoint. ("The Variable")