"Mother of a Plan" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

Mother takes Jacob to the Light and announces that he must protect it. She explains what it is and makes him promise to never enter it or else face a fate worse than death.

She recites an incantation over a wine bottle and urges Jacob to drink it. He realizes he is her second choice, after his brother; but she convinces him that he is the correct choice - and that the choice isn't his. He drinks and becomes the protector.

The next day, his brother wakes and finds his well filled. He then sees smoke in the distance and runs to his village. The huts are on fire and all are dead. He finds his senet box and wails; and after a few seconds, the sorrow becomes rage.


The first movement begins with the Brothers' suspense motif, and later uses the maternal motif, Jacob's theme and the Light theme. The second uses the Man in Black's theme.