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"Moonlight Serenade" is a song written by Glenn Miller, recorded in 1939, and has been performed by several other artists, including Frank Sinatra.


The song has appeared two times in Lost:


  • In The Twilight Zone episode "Static", an old man picks ups a live radio signal from 20 years in the past, a DJ introducing this song. He also picks up other broadcasts from the 30's and 40's. However only the old man can hear the song, while other characters only perceive static. He attempts to correct mistakes he has made in his life using this knowledge. This could be the basis for Hurley's humorous quip. [1]
  • Glenn Miller disappeared on December 15, 1944, en route from England to Paris to play for troops in the recently liberated city. Neither his remains nor the aircraft in which he was riding were ever found.


I stand at your gate and the song that I sing is of moonlight.
I stand and I wait for the touch of your hand in the June night.
The roses are sighing a Moonlight Serenade.

The stars are aglow and tonight how their light sets me dreaming.
My love, do you know that your eyes are like stars brightly beaming?
I bring you and sing you a Moonlight Serenade.

Let us stray till break of day
in love's valley of dreams.
Just you and I, a summer sky,
a heavenly breeze kissing the trees.

So don't let me wait, come to me tenderly in the June night.
I stand at your gate and I sing you a song in the moonlight,
a love song, my darling, a Moonlight Serenade.

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