"Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People" is an orchestral piece from the Season One soundtrack. It plays during the season finale.

Scene description

Locke, flat on his back, has just seen the Monster. He attempts at first to run but is caught, and the monster drags him to a hole. A pursuing Jack arrives in time to grab him before it drags him in.

Kate arrives to help. Jack tells her to throw dynamite into the hole. She begins to grab it from her pack, but Jack informs her that it's in his pack, contrary to the straws they drew earlier. Betrayed, she runs into the jungle to grab Jack's pack. During this time, Locke insists Jack let him go, but Jack refuses. Kate returns and, against Locke's protests, tosses the dynamite down the hole. Locke is freed, and the audience gets their first look at the monster: a cloud of black smoke.


The piece uses the action motif and the Dark Territory motif, transitioning into the Monster motif before ending on Locke's motif.

Title significance

In the 1952 Looney Tunes cartoon Water, Water Every Hare, Bugs Bunny remarks, after meeting a monster, "You meet such innnteresting people". Though Lost had not revealed it by "Exodus, Part 3", and Michael Giacchino likely did not know it, the monster takes the form of several interesting people.

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