The twenty dollar bill from "Dave".

Money in specific amounts is mentioned in Lost on several occasions.

Season 1

  • The entire deal was claimed to be $300,000, of which Sawyer only had $140,000, which he lent overnight to Jessica and her husband

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • $200 is what he changed the fee to when he arrives. He refunded $100 as he leaves, because he found a large stash of cash (of unspecified amount) while doing his job, but did not reveal this fact to her.
  • €100 is what Sayid immediately raises the stakes to.
  • He pays substantially more, an indeterminate amount seen as a small stack of mostly ₩10,000 notes, for the second one.

Season 5

  • Miles is paid $200 for speaking to Howard Gray's dead son Russell Gray ("Some Like It Hoth")
    • Miles then returns the $200 after confessing that he lied about the reading.
  • Miles is offered $1.6 million by Naomi as an incentive to go on Charles Widmore's freighter team to the Island. ("Some Like It Hoth")
    • Miles then demands $3.2 million from Bram when he is told not to go to the Island.
  • Hurley is found to have $227 in his belongings when he was released from jail. ("The Incident, Part 1")

Season 6

  • In the flash-sideways, Jin is taken into custody at the security area at LAX when over $10,000 in cash is found in his luggage, which he did not claim when he boarded in Sydney.


  • $2,364 is the amount of money in a scam that was mentioned in an audition for the part of Sawyer by Matthew Fox.

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  • E-Online - August 15, 2008 - "Lost Star's Big Payday" - article on Matthew Fox's raise for Season 5, from about $150,000 per episode to about $225,000 per episode.