The Moli'i Fishpond and Gardens are a frequent filming location in Oahu, located in Kualoa Regional Park. The pond was built by pre-contact Hawaiians to maintain a ready supply of seafood. The Gardens were seen in

  1. 1x17 "...In Translation" This is the shore where Jin meets his father and tells him about Sun.
  2. 2x10 "The 23rd Psalm" The bar where Eko met the Tough Moroccan is on the Moli'i Gardens.
  3. 3x05 "The Cost of Living" This is the area around the Pearl station.
  4. 3x16 "One of Us" This is the harbor where Juliet emerges from the submarine Galaga that brought her to the Island.
  5. 3x18 "D.O.C." Used for the same location as in "...In Translation", this time for Sun's meeting with Jin's father. Mr. Kwon's house is also nearby: the same building used for the Nigerian bar in "The 23rd Psalm".
  6. 3x20 "The Man Behind the Curtain", 4x11 "Cabin Fever" The DHARMA Initiative mass grave is located here
  7. 5x07 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" The house that Sayid is building is the same building used as the Nigerian bar and Mr. Kwon's house.

The pond is also known as Kualoa fishpond as it is located oceanside (makai) of Kualoa Ranch, another filming location.

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