Moira is an archivist at Oxford University. Upon Desmond's inquiry, she searched the university's records for mention of Daniel Faraday, but told Desmond that there was no record of any such person in the university's database. When she inquired as to why Desmond wanted information about Faraday, Desmond apologized for having wasted her time and departed. ("Jughead")


  • While Moira's name was not mentioned in "Jughead", it was given in the credits.
  • The same actress who played Moira, Mary Ann Taheny, portrayed Jenna, an airline employee stationed at Gate 23 - the boarding gate of Oceanic Flight 815 - in the airline's international departure lounge. ("Exodus, Part 2") A Honolulu Advertiser article from January 18, 2009 explicitly addressed the fact that Moira and Jenna were not supposed to be the same character and efforts were made to change Taheny's appearance to avoid fans drawing unwanted conclusions about a connection between the two characters.
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