Sawyer hands Kate the mix tape.

A mix tape is a cassette tape on which a mix of various meaningful songs have been recorded. In "Catch-22", Sawyer gave Kate a mix tape that was actually a tape of The Best of Phil Collins that Sawyer stole from Bernard.

Note: There is no actual Phil Collins album called The Best of Phil Collins.

[Kate pushes Sawyer out of her tent and walks away]
SAWYER: Come on, Freckles, wait, now look, you need me to make ya a mix tape?
KATE: Yeah why don't you do that.

[At camp, Kate is washing the back of her neck with water from the trough. Sawyer approaches, and hands her a cassette tape]
KATE: What's this?
SAWYER: Your mix tape.
[Kate laughs]
SAWYER: Well you gonna take it or ain't ya?
[Kate does so]
KATE: The best of Phil Collins huh.
SAWYER: Don't get picky. And if Bernard asks, I don't know a thing about it.
KATE: Thanks, James.

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