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Mittelos Anagram

  • Lost Time - this makes sense given the strange relationship the island has with time. For example: Richard's comment to Locke about how "time flies" on the island.
  • Mittelos = Mott isle. The Mittelos bioscence is located in the Mott Island into the International Biosphere Reserve[1]. This isle is very close to the Mittelwerk isle. Is owned or partly-owned by Hanso Foundation executive Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk


Theory 1: "Front company" is an exaggeration

While Richard showed Juliet a slideshow presentation of what Mittelos Bioscience was like (the buildings, the grounds), these were plainly false. Even Richard seems uncomfortable presenting the badly photo-shopped images. But given that "Mittelos Bioscience" isn't really in Portland, there is no reason to assume that the organization exists at all. Instead of a front company, it may only be a website - if that.

  • It is not a real company but was made to appear that it was so the Others could recruit skilled specialists like Juliet (promising them a job opportunity so they can get their consent to agree to go to the island) to help with its problems with fertility on the island.

Theory 2: "Front company" is true

  • Mittelos Bioscience is a front for Mittelwerk. He was aggressively recruiting at least 4 years before the Oceanic crash.
    • After Mittelwerk overthrows Hanso, he sends in a second group of scientists, Mittelos Bioscience/the Others, in order to displace DHARMA (the purge) and use the island for his own purposes.
  • The case of the 26-year-old woman having an aged womb is connected to the strange powers of the island, probably to the anomalous passing of time and the aging process on the island.
  • Mittelos is a front for DHARMA recruiters


  • Mittelos Bioscience is a very old company. Locke encountered them as early as 1972, a long time before the Purge, so they must have operated as a front for The Others while DHARMA was still operating.
  • Mittelos was set up by Jacob to research and recruit people to serve the island.
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