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Mirror montage

Main characters in the flash sideways frequently confronted themselves in mirrors or reflective surfaces. According to Jack Bender, these scenes showed the characters figuratively and literally "confronting their images and the reflections of themselves." The visual metaphor expressed the flash sideways' theme of introspection, and also represented how the flash sideways showed "what you wish for or what you're scared of." (Lost: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD))

Episode instances[]

Episode Instance
"LA X, Parts 1 & 2"

601 JackNeckRed

  • Jack looks into the plane's lavatory mirror, noticing a wound on his neck.
  • Agent Mars looks at himself in the mirror before Kate escapes.
"What Kate Does"

Kate mirror

  • Upon arriving at the garage, Kate catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror before leaving to give Claire a ride.
"The Substitute"

Locke mirror

Original timeline

Flash-sideways timeline

  • After John wakes up and gets dressed, he sits at the bathroom sink in front of a small mirror before deciding to try and call Dr. Jack Shephard.

Hurley lighthouse mirror

Original timeline

  • Jack gazes at his reflection in the pond near the Temple entrance.
  • Hurley sees himself in the lighthouse mirror.
  • Jack sees his own reflection as the mirrors in the lighthouse move.
  • Jack sees his childhood home in the lighthouse mirror, then smashes it.

Flash-sideways timeline

  • Jack notices an appendectomy scar in the mirror before calling his mother to ask how he got it.
  • Jack notices a strip of photos attached to a mirror in his son's room.


Sayid reflection

  • One half of Sayid's face is reflected in the door to Nadia's home before she greets him for the first time.
"Dr. Linus"

Ben microwave

  • Ben sees his reflection in the door of the microwave when cooking dinner for his father.

James Ford broken mirror

  • Following an argument with his partner Miles, James looks into a mirror before smashing it in the police station locker room.
"The Package"

6x10 FunnyLook

  • Sun looks in a mirror and pauses, although there is a repeating knock on the door.
  • Jin's reflection is shown while being held prisoner at the restaurant, although he himself does not see it.
"Happily Ever After"

6x11 LookingThroughAWindow

  • Desmond sees himself in the airport flight screens before encountering Hurley, Claire, George, and Widmore.
  • Desmond's reflection is shown outside of the police station before he meets Charlie.
  • Daniel Widmore's reflection is shown in the car window before he meets Desmond.
"The Last Recruit"


  • While prepping surgery, Jack sees Locke's reflection as well as his own in the mirror below Locke's face. Locke does not see his own reflection, however, as he is unconscious.
  • Claire's reflection is briefly seen in the glass door as she and Desmond enter the law office to see Ilana.
"The Candidate"


  • Jack and Claire look at each other in the mirror of the music box given by their dad.
"What They Died For"


  • Jack examines another cut that has appeared on his neck in the same spot as the cut he had on Flight 815.
  • Ben looks mournfully at his reflection in the school nurse's office after being beaten up by Desmond.

Other instances[]

1x05 Jack-in-the-window
2x17 Locke's map eye
3x01 JulietIsIntroduced
Miles eyes

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