The Minnesota Metallurgy & Mining Company sponsored Henry Gale's balloon.


Fan photo of balloon basket prop, with several visible logos.

Henry Gale crashed onto the Island in a hot air balloon that was "proudly sponsored by" various groups including the Minnesota Metallurgy & Mining Company. Its logo can be found as a decal on the side of the gondola, above the tanks.

Gale was killed through currently unknown circumstances and buried in a grave next to the crash site. An Other named Benjamin Linus subsequently appropriated Gale's identity upon his capture and imprisonment by the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. As Gale, Linus claimed he was the wealthy owner of a mining company from Minnesota. The Minnesota Metallurgy & Mining Company could be the company to which he was referring.


  • 3M was formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.
  • "Metallurgy" can be seen as an answer to Locke's crossword puzzle in 2x8 "Collision"

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