Miles Straume (né Chang) is a spiritualist who was born in March 1977 to Lara and Pierre Chang. At the age of four months, Miles was taken to California by his mother, forced to leave the Island in a general evacuation ordered by Dr. Chang in anticipation of the Incident. As he grew up, Miles discovered that he had a unique ability to extract information from deceased bodies through what he called a "feeling".

Many years later, Miles was recruited by Naomi Dorrit to join a science team that arrived on the Island aboard the freighter Kahana. He parachuted onto the Island and was met by the survivors of Flight 815, who at first didn't trust him or the rest of the science team. Miles's mission on the Island was to capture Benjamin Linus, but he later offered to tell his employer that Ben was dead in exchange for $3.2 million (double what Widmore offered him). As the survivors made their plan to escape the Island on the Kahana, Miles informed fellow science team member Daniel Faraday that he was planning on staying.

When Ben moved the Island, Miles and his fellow castaways skipped through time, at one point coming to be held captive by Richard Alpert in 1954, and finally ending up in the 1970s. There, they joined the DHARMA Initiative, which put Miles in proximity with his late parents and, later, himself as a baby. After three years with the DHARMA Initiative, the Oceanic Six returned to the Island following the crash of Ajira Airways 316, and their cover was blown, whereupon Miles revealed his identity to his father. Miles assisted Jack with his plan to change the past, saving his father at the Swan construction site in the process.

After Juliet detonated a nuclear bomb, Miles time-traveled to his original timeline of 2007, having survived the blast. Miles stayed behind with Sawyer to help bury Juliet, whereupon he relayed her last thoughts to Sawyer: "It worked". Later, Miles and Sawyer were abducted by the Others and taken to the Temple, where they witnessed the miraculous healing of Sayid. When the Temple Massacre began, Miles and Kate, who were trying to escape together, eventually got split up and Miles barricaded himself in a room where he was then rescued by Ilana. Miles then read the ashes of Jacob and confirmed to Ilana that it was in fact Ben who killed him. The group, along with Frank and Sun, returned to the beach where Miles dug up the diamonds from the graves of Nikki and Paulo, and kept them. Later, Jack, Hurley and Richard came and joined their camp.

After Ilana's death, Miles joined Ben and Richard on a mission to blow up the Ajira plane to prevent the Man in Black from leaving the Island. The group ventured to the Black Rock for more dynamite, where they witnessed Hurley blow it up. When the group reached the Barracks, their alternate source for explosives, they met Charles Widmore, who told them he had already sabotaged the plane. When the Man in Black arrived, following Widmore and Zoe, Miles fled into the jungle, where he found Richard unconscious from trying to reason with the black smoke. The two of them headed for Hydra Island to finish what they started, whereupon they found Frank floating in the ocean with the debris from the submarine explosion, and Frank suggested they use the plane to fly away so the Man in Black wouldn't be able to escape. The three of them repaired Ajira Fight 316 and left the Island, along with Claire, Sawyer, and Kate.

In the flash sideways, Miles was an LAPD detective partnered with Sawyer. He didn't move on with the other survivors instead he spent his life making up for lost time with his father.

On the Island: the DHARMA Initiative[]

5x01 BabyMiles

Baby Miles with his father, Pierre. ("Because You Left")

Miles was born in March 1977 to Pierre Chang and his wife Lara of the DHARMA Initiative. He was most likely born elsewhere and then brought to the Island, as until Ethan's birth in July 1977, DHARMA women always gave birth on the mainland. ("LaFleur") At their home at the Barracks, Lara and Pierre would often take turns with the baby in the mornings when he cried, and Chang was known to read to his son at night. At one point, Miles witnessed his father reading to his young self while in the DHARMA Initiative in 1977. ("Because You Left") ("Some Like It Hoth")

Four months after Miles was born, Pierre Chang organized the evacuation of all the DHARMA women and children from the Island, in preparation for the coming Incident, after Daniel's warning to Chang. Baby Miles and his mother were included in this evacuation. Miles left the Island on the submarine, on his father's strict orders. Chang was forced to tell at his wife in order to make her leave. ("Follow the Leader")

After leaving the Island, Lara and Miles moved to Encino, California, near Los Angeles.

Off the Island[]


5x13 NotListening

A young Miles attempts to stop hearing voices from the dead. ("Some Like It Hoth")

As a child, Miles accompanied his mother Lara as she inspected an apartment in Encino, California with the building's landlord. The landlord at first objected to Miles because the neighbors disliked noise, but Lara assured him that Miles was quiet. She gave Miles a quarter for the vending machine, but on the way there he sensed something, causing him to walk toward another apartment. Finding a key, he opened the door and walked inside. Several apartments down, Lara heard her son calling for her, and rushed to the apartment where she found him standing over a man's corpse, who had clearly been dead for several hours. Miles claimed that he heard the man talking about his chest hurting, that he was scared and all alone, and that he was calling for Kimberly. The astonished landlord says that Kimberly was Mr. Vonner's wife who died the year before, and wonders how Miles could have known that.

5x13 Pierced Miles

Miles, now a young adult, seeks the truth from his mother. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Several years later, a heavily pierced Miles visited his mother, who was extremely sick and bedridden, and was losing her hair. While his mother was happy to see him, she asked why he had come to visit, as he didn't ever come to visit very often before, and he replied that he wanted answers about the source of his powers and about his father. She replied that his father kicked them out when Miles was just a baby, and had forced them to leave. She didn't tell him explicitly about the DHARMA Initiative or the Island, but she told Miles that his father had been dead for a very long time and that his body was "somewhere [he] could never go." ("Some Like It Hoth")

At some point, Miles said that he worked as a mechanic. ("The End")


4x02 Where is it

Miles invokes the spirit of Mrs. Gardner's grandson. ("Confirmed Dead")

At a later date, Miles became a professional spiritualist, advertising his services to "communicate with the dead anytime, anywhere." Even though he had a legitimate ability to connect with the dead, some of his work wasn't entirely honest. For example, he carried a "ghostbuster device" that he appeared to use merely as a prop.

Around the time that the supposed wreckage of Flight 815 was recovered, Miles was in Inglewood, California, visiting the house of a woman named Mrs. Gardner, who wanted the spirit of her dead grandson exorcised from her house. Miles agreed to "talk" to the spirit for a fee, claiming he would be charging her double ($200) because he learned from the police that her son had been murdered. He entered the boy's former bedroom and turned on the noisy ghostbuster device. He then begins speaking aloud, presumably to the spirit, saying the spirit wasn't doing any good hanging around and that Miles wanted to know where "it" was. Something falls near a bookshelf, which Miles moves to find a stash of money and drugs hidden in the wall. He took the money and left the drugs behind. He then went back to Mrs. Gardner, and refunded her $100, claiming it wasn't as difficult a job as he thought it would be. ("Confirmed Dead")

5x13 AreYouHittingOnMe

Naomi recruiting Miles to the freighter team. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Sometime later, Miles met with Howard Gray, who hired Miles to contact his late son, apparently a high school football player who was killed in a car accident. Gray desperately wanted to know if his son knew how much he loved him, as he apparently was not very open about his emotions when his son was alive. Miles was apprehensive when he discovered that the son had been cremated and his ashes spread around his school's football field, and asked for a larger sum of money, which Gray readily offered. Miles awkwardly performs a ceremony in which he appeared to contact the spirit of the son, and assured Gray that the son was aware of his love. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Somehow Charles Widmore became aware of Miles' true abilities; when Naomi Dorrit and Matthew Abaddon discussed his recruitment, Naomi disparagingly referred to him as a "ghostbuster". ("Confirmed Dead") Outside Gray's house, Naomi approached Miles and recruited him to work for Widmore and offers him an "audition" of his abilities. He is taken to a corpse on a kitchen table at a closed restaurant nearby, where he told Naomi that this isn't really his "thing." Naomi appears to know that Miles is merely exploiting his abilities for money, as she replied him, "From what I understand, Miles, if the price is right, this is exactly your thing." After confirming his ability to gather information from a corpse, she told him that his services would be enlisted in locating a man on an island by communicating with the dead people who reside there, as the man was responsible for their deaths. Miles declined, aware of the obvious danger, but changed his mind when Naomi offered him $1.6 million for his services.

5x13 Hi miles

Miles is warned by Bram and his men not to go to the Island. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Later, Miles was abducted off the street by a group of men in a van. Bram tries to talk him out of working for Charles Widmore and invites him to join their team instead. He promises that if he does, Miles will have answer to all his questions, including what happened to his father and how he got his supernatural abilities. Miles insisted couldn't care less about his father and that they would have to pay him double to refuse Widmore's offer, a sum of $3.2 million. Bram refused to pay him, saying, "All the money in the world isn't going to fill that empty hole inside you." Miles was taken aback at this statement, and his abductors tossed him from the van, warning that he was playing on "the wrong team."

Just before leaving for the Kahana, Miles revisited Gray and returned his money. Miles revealed that he had lied to Gray; he had been unable to make contact with Gray's son. The incredulous Gray asked why Miles couldn't have just continued to let him believe the lie, and Miles responded that it wouldn't have been fair to the son, and tells the father he should have professed his love to his son before his death. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Before the Kahana left port, Miles indicated that he knew Michael was using a false name. He then added that 80 percent of the people on the Kahana were lying about something. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Back on the Island[]

Days 91–100 (season 4)[]

4x02 HoldOnHandsom

A hostile Miles points his gun at Jack. ("Confirmed Dead")

Miles was one of the three passengers to parachute from a helicopter that had taken off from the Kahana. He appeared to have landed on a rocky outcrop near the north shore of the Island. As Jack, Kate and Daniel approached him, he pretended to be incapacitated, then threatened Jack with a handgun after Jack attempted to examine him. He then informed Daniel that it was the survivors who killed Naomi, and demanded to be taken to her body. During their journey to Naomi's remains, he held Jack and Kate at gunpoint. When Naomi was found, Miles spoke in quiet tones over her body and afterward confirmed Kate's story about her death. Soon after, he was informed by Jack that they were in fact covered by their friends with firearms. Miles was forced to drop his gun when Sayid and Juliet came out of the jungle firing their guns.

4x02 PictureTime

Miles shows a photograph of Ben, revealing their mission's goal. ("Confirmed Dead")

He behaved aggressively toward Sayid when he was questioned about who he was and what he did. Upon hearing from Frank that Juliet was a "native" of the Island, he became hostile and demanded to know where "he" was. Showing a photograph, Miles said that the team came to the Island to find Ben Linus. ("Confirmed Dead")

Miles, Sayid and Kate took a journey to the Barracks to retrieve Charlotte Lewis from Locke. Upon arriving, they found Hurley tied up in a closet. Hurley told them Locke was losing it and insisted Miles and the others were there to kill them. Hurley asked him if they were, to which Miles replied, "Not yet."

As they continued searching the house, they were ambushed by Locke and James "Sawyer" Ford, who had used Hurley to set a trap. The three captives were taken to different areas of the compound, and Locke and Sayid agreed to trade Miles for Charlotte. ("The Economist")

4x04 Breakfast

Locke treats Miles to an explosive breakfast. ("Eggtown")

While at the barracks, Miles used Kate to gain access to Ben. He demanded $3.2 million in exchange for telling his employers that Ben is dead. When challenged that Charlotte already knows that Ben is alive, he said that he will take care of Charlotte. Miles explicitly stated that he knows exactly who Ben is, including the fact that Ben has access to a large amount of money. Kate then attempted to take him back to the boathouse, and he revealed he knows who she is and what she's done. Locke took him back to the boathouse. The next day, Locke put a grenade in Miles' mouth and pulled the pin, forcing Miles to keep his jaws clamped down on the trigger. Locke then left him there. ("Eggtown")

4x09 ForYou

Miles informs Ben the mercenaries want to talk to him. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

After learning who Ben's man on the boat was, Locke called his group together and retrieved Miles from the boathouse. Miles did not protest when Ben claimed that the freighter team's orders were to kill everyone on the island once Ben is captured. Despite his promise that there would be no more secrets, Locke failed to mention Miles' attempted deal with Ben, which Sawyer questions. Miles laughed at Locke's assertion that Ben would not be able to procure $3.2 million and claimed that Ben would always find a way to get what he wanted. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

When the Barracks came under attack by Keamy and his men, Keamy gave Miles a walkie to bring to Ben. Miles rang the bell and was let in. He told Ben that Keamy had his daughter. After Keamy killed Alex, Miles showed a look of shock and sympathy. Later, when being rushed out of the house, he showed another look of horror and amazement as the smoke monster attacked Keamy's people. When Sawyer decided he was going to the beach, Miles tagged along. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

4x10 IDidNotSignUpForThis

Miles tells Sawyer he had nothing to do with the mercenaries' actions. ("Something Nice Back Home")

On the way, Miles heard the voices of Danielle and Karl, and subsequently discovered their corpses in shallow graves. He claimed that the mercenaries are "not his buddies" and that he "didn't sign up for this." After Sawyer spotted Miles looking at the beautiful Claire, he tells Miles to stay away from Claire, and to consider that there is a "restraining order" against him. After encountering Frank, he, Sawyer, and Claire hid from Keamy. They then continued on after the mercenaries left. Upon taking rest, he witnessed Claire talking to Christian Shephard, and watched her leave. He did not follow because of his "restraining order," however. He informs Sawyer of Claire's departure the next day, and Sawyer finds Aaron, abandoned, crying in the woods. ("Something Nice Back Home")

4x13 What do i mean

Miles questions Charlotte's decision to leave the Island. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Miles, Sawyer and Aaron continued their journey back to the beach. Along the way they chanced upon Kate and Jack who were following the chopper inland. Jack asked Kate to take care of Aaron, and take him back to the beach along with Miles. Jack recommenced his trek inland, along with Sawyer. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

When Faraday started ferrying people off of the Island in the Zodiac raft, Miles stated that he intended to stay on the Island, despite Faraday's warnings. He showed surprise that Charlotte was considering leaving, and then he surprised Charlotte in turn by suggesting that he knew Charlotte had been on the Island before. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Season 5[]

Time flashes[]

5x01 DesmondWho

Miles questions Juliet about the Swan's former resident. ("Because You Left")

When the island traveled back in time, the beach camp around Miles disappeared, leaving him and several other survivors disoriented. Daniel soon arrived back at the beach, proposing the theory of time travel and suggesting they find a local landmark so that they can get an approximate guess as to when they are in time. Miles traveled with the other survivors to the Swan, where they discovered the crater left by the implosion of the station. When Miles questioned what the station was for, Juliet replied that it was inhabited by Desmond, who spent his time pressing a button every 108 minutes to "save the world," to which Miles responded with some disbelief. After another movement in time, they found that they had traveled to a time before the station was discovered by the survivors. Though he initially wanted to get supplies from the station, Sawyer was convinced by Juliet and Daniel to return to the beach, though Miles was at first reluctant. After the others had left, Miles told Daniel and Charlotte that he thought Juliet was attracted to him before following suit and returning to the beach. ("Because You Left")

5x03 Gotcha

Miles surrenders to their hostile attackers. ("Jughead")

At the beach, the survivors worried over ways to survive without fire, shelter, and food. Miles, seeing an opportunity to gain trust, volunteered to hunt for food, and walked off into the jungle unarmed. He returned several hours later carrying the corpse of a boar, claiming he had found it and that it had only been dead for three hours. Shortly thereafter the survivors were bombarded with flaming arrows fired by unseen assailants. Miles was caught by surprise, narrowly dodging several arrows himself before reaching the treeline and safety, though Neil and six other survivors were not as lucky. Miles finally reached safety beyond the treeline. ("The Lie")


Miles captured by the Others. ("Jughead")

The next morning, Miles with Charlotte, Daniel, and two unnamed survivors of the beach camp attack traveled to a creek with the intent of rejoining the other survivors. Near the creek, the redshirts triggered claymore mines which exploded, killing them both. A group of Others led by Ellie emerged from the jungle and questioned Miles on the identity of his leader. Miles immediately gestured toward Daniel Faraday. As Ellie and her group marched the three through the jungle, Miles began to sense something and told Daniel that they had just walked over the fresh graves of four U.S. soldiers, three of whom had been shot and one who had died of radiation poisoning. Ellie took Miles and his group to the Others' camp and handed them over to Richard Alpert.

After a short conversation with Richard, Miles, along with Charlotte and Daniel, were held captive in a tent. They waited there until Richard reentered and questioned Faraday further on the details of "Jughead", a bomb which Daniel claimed to be able to disarm. Miles did not know about the bomb, asking Daniel, "A hydrogen bomb? Seriously?" After Faraday was taken to examine to the bomb, Miles and Charlotte waited for some time until the Island flashed and they were moved somewhere else in time. They rendezvoused with Daniel, who immediately doted on Charlotte whilst ignoring Miles, something Miles did not hesitate to point out. Miles saw Charlotte collapse, her nose bleeding. ("Jughead")

5x04 FaradayAndMiles

Daniel questions Miles about his history on the Island. ("The Little Prince")

After Charlotte reawakened, the group (Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, Sawyer, Juliet and Locke) decided to head back to the beach and use the Zodiac in order to get to the Orchid faster. Later the same day, Miles informed Daniel that he had also suffered a nosebleed, a symptom which Daniel told him relates to the duration of exposure to the Island. This confused Miles, who pointed out that the survivors (who had not shown any symptoms to this point) had been on the Island for months before the freighter arrived. Daniel asked Miles if he was sure he had never been to the island before. Miles, along with Juliet, Sawyer, Charlotte, Daniel, and Locke, found two outriggers at the beach camp. Miles helped the group paddle the outrigger into open water, where the group was chased and shot at by unknown pursuers in the other outrigger. After another time flash, the group successfully came ashore during a rainstorm. ("The Little Prince")

5x05 MilesAtTheWell

Miles watches Sawyer, while Locke descends into the well. ("This Place Is Death")

Miles traveled with the group into the jungle and they experienced another time flash just before discovering Jin. After everyone greeted Jin, they resumed traveling towards the Orchid station. After walking for awhile, the group experienced a few flashes in rapid succession. After the fourth flash, Charlotte collapsed, unable to go on. Miles decided to go with Locke, Juliet, Sawyer and Jin to the Orchid, leaving Daniel to look after a dying Charlotte. Although the Orchid disappeared following a time flash, the group discovered a nearby well which, according to Charlotte, would help them. As Locke descended into the well using a rope held by Sawyer, another time flash occurred. Miles told Sawyer he could "let go of the rope now," as they realized that they had moved to a time period in which the well did not exist. ("This Place Is Death")

When Juliet commented they were now before the well was built, Miles added "I'd say way before" and pointed out a statue in the distance. ("LaFleur")

1974-1977 (with DHARMA Initiative)[]

5x08 Dharmiles

Miles working for the DHARMA Initiative in the 1970s as a security officer. ("LaFleur")

Miles, along with Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Faraday, time traveled to 1974 after Locke moved the frozen wheel. When Sawyer suggested heading back to the beach, Miles disagreed. Juliet then backed Sawyer up and Miles irritatedly stated that going to the Orchid and going to the beach were the "only two plans you people have". After being captured by the DHARMA Initiative, the group pretended to be victims of a shipwreck and integrated themselves into the Initiative after Sawyer gained their trust. ("LaFleur")

Within the first week of joining, Miles realized that he had personal connection with the Initiative when his mother stepped behind him in the cafeteria lunch line. Realizing that both his parents lived on the Island, Miles ignored them as best he could and continued with the lie set forth by Sawyer. ("Some Like It Hoth")


Miles with Sawyer in 1977. ("Namaste")

As of 1977, Miles was working in the DHARMA security division under the command of his new boss, Sawyer, who had become Head of Security using the alias "LaFleur". When a drunken Horace Goodspeed began blowing up trees with dynamite near the Flame, Miles and Sawyer recovered him and cleaned up the mess. ("LaFleur") After the crash of Flight 316, Miles appeared to be shocked by the return of Jack, Kate and Hurley, along with Sayid. ("Namaste")

Two days later, LaFleur assigned Miles to guard Jack, Kate and Hurley, after young Ben was shot by Sayid. While guarding them, he and Hurley had a lengthy debate about the effects and paradoxes of time travel. Hurley was sure that Sayid's actions would result in their "disappearance" from existence like what nearly happened to Marty McFly in Back to the Future; Hurley theorized that Ben's death in 1977 would mean he would never move the island that caused the time traveling, and thus, they never have gone back in time to 1977. Miles, on the other hand, was sure there would be no effect and that everything that was happening had always happened; they just hadn't been aware of it. He was sure that Ben would survive, but he is flummoxed when Hurley asks why, if Ben had been shot by Sayid in 1977, he didn't recognize him in 2004 when Sayid tortured him in the hatch. Miles then says he hadn't thought about that. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Sometime later, Sawyer called Miles and asked him to "accidentally erase" one of the tapes from the fence security cameras that had recorded him and Kate taking the injured Ben away. While he was preparing to do this, he was interrupted by Horace, who gives him a body bag and tells him to go get a "package" from Radzinsky in a Hostile-controlled area the DHARMA members were not supposed to be in. Miles forgets about his assignment from Sawyer and leaves the security tape in the machine. It became obvious that this "package" was the corpse of a DHARMA worker, who Radzinsky claimed died falling into a ditch, despite what appeared to be a bullet wound on his forehead. After Radzinsky and his workers disappeared, Miles moved to the corpse in the back of his van and asked him, "What really happened?" He learned that the man, Alvarez, had been working while thinking about a girl when he felt a sharp pain in his jaw; he was killed by a dental filling which was sucked out of his tooth and went through his brain like a bullet.

5x13 PassingOnTheBag

Horace hands Miles his package to Radzinsky. ("Some Like It Hoth")

When Miles returned to Horace, he was told to bring the body to Dr. Chang at the Orchid. Miles was joined by Hurley on his journey, who discovered the body in the back of the van. Confronted, Miles told him how the man died, including his last thoughts. To Miles' bewilderment, Hurley completely accepted his story and pointed out that he too could talk with the dead, and he sometimes plays chess with them. Miles replied that "that's not how it works," to which Hurley responded, "Aha! You wouldn't know how it works unless you can do it." Miles explained that there is no conversing with the dead, but that he is able to get a "feeling" about who the deceased was and whatever they knew before they died.

5x13 DrivingWithDad

Miles drives his van with his father and Hurley. ("Some Like It Hoth")

At the Orchid, Dr. Chang threatens to demote Hurley if he talks about Alvarez or anything he sees at the Orchid, where Miles and Hurley observe Dr. Chang yelling at workers. Hurley calls him "a total douche" to which Miles replies, "that douche is my father." Hurley is shocked, but asks if he is going to do something to try to save his father, as they know the DHARMA members are eventually murdered.

Miles and Hurley then gave Dr. Chang a ride to the Swan station construction site. Along the way, Hurley kept prodding Dr. Chang for details about his life and son and suggesting that he and Miles (who coincidentally has the same name as his own infant son) should get together for a beer. This upset Miles, who had never known his father and assumed he had abandoned them. After they had dropped off Dr. Chang, Hurley continued to press Miles about his father and how "awesome" of an opportunity it is, which angers Miles. Miles tells Hurley, "It doesn't matter. My father is dead! He's gone! He never cared about me, and nothing I can do will ever change that," to which Hurley replies, "But he's not gone. We just dropped him off." Hurley later told Miles about his own troubled relationship with his father, and how he forgave him. He suggested Miles try to gain a relationship with his own father.

That night, an emotional Miles watched through a window as his father read a story to his three-month-old self. After taking a phone call, Dr. Chang came outside and, noticing Miles on the walkway, asked for his help in picking up a group of scientists from Ann Arbor at the submarine dock. Miles was surprised to find out that one of those scientists was Daniel Faraday. ("Some Like It Hoth")

5x13 FamilyFromThePast

An emotional Miles watches his family through a window. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Daniel told Miles that the reason he had returned was that, while doing research at the DHARMA headquarters in Ann Harbor, he had discovered that Jack, Kate and Hurley had somehow returned to the Island in 1977. He then had Miles take him to Jack's house. After Daniel and Jack had a talk, Miles drove Daniel to the Orchid. While Daniel was at the station, Miles waited above. Daniel then returned, along with Dr. Chang. Miles witnessed as Daniel revealed that he was from the future. Miles tried to intervene, but Daniel told Chang that Miles was his son. Chang asked Miles if it was true, but Miles denied it. Miles then drove Daniel to Sawyer's house, where Daniel revealed that he needed to meet with his mother, who was with the Hostiles. After Juliet revealed to the group the code to the sonic fence, and Kate agreed to show the way, Miles gave Daniel the keys to the jeep. Meanwhile, Sawyer ordered everyone to prepare for leaving, as Phil had discovered the tape that showed Ben's delivery to the Hostiles. This was the tape which Miles had failed to erase earlier. ("The Variable")

5x14 Denial

Miles denies that he is Chang's son. ("The Variable")

Now under serious suspicion, Miles, Hurley and Jin escaped from the Barracks, heading for the beach. Chang followed them and asked the three if they were really from the future. Hurley denied it at first, giving ridiculous answers when Dr. Chang asked what year he was born ("Uh... 1931?") and if he then fought in the Korean War ("There's no such thing") but eventually revealed the truth when Dr. Chang demanded to know the name of the U.S. president in 1977. Chang believed them and then asked Miles if he really was his son, and Miles reluctantly affirmed that he was.

5x15 Truth

Miles, Jin, and Hurley face a suspicious Pierre Chang. ("Follow the Leader")

Back at the Barracks, Chang was now having people evacuated, after learning of the impending Incident. Miles, Hurley, and Jin watched a young Charlotte and her mother get out of a bus and head for the dock. Lara and baby Miles also got out. Miles saw his parents argue as Dr. Chang demanded that she and baby Miles evacuate the Island on the submarine. Through watching these events Miles realized that his father had to be harsh to his mother in order to save her life. Miles then saw Juliet and Sawyer, handcuffed and being brought to the dock in a jeep. A confused Miles handed his binoculars to Hurley, who told Miles that Sawyer probably had a plan. ("Follow the Leader")

5x15 I'mYourSon

Miles admits to Pierre that he is his son. ("Follow the Leader")

A few hours later, Miles joined Hurley and Jin in saving Jack and a wounded Sayid from attacking members of the DHARMA Initiative by picking them up in a DHARMA van. At Jack's urging, Hurley proceeded to drive the van to the Swan construction site. Miles questioned Jack's plan to detonate a nuclear device, and stopped with the rest of the group when they encountered Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet, and expressed doubt as to whether Sayid would recover from his wound. ("The Incident, Part 1")

A short time later, Jack set out with the bomb to the Swan site, and Miles questioned the rest of the group as to whether or not they had considered that Jack's detonation of the bomb would be the cause the "Incident" they thought they would prevent. Immediately after he asked this, the group spotted a group of DHARMA Security personnel led by Phil driving to the Swan.

5x17 LikeFatherLikeSon

Miles saves his father's life moments before the detonation of the bomb. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

In an attempt to save Jack, Miles accompanied the rest of them to the Swan construction site, and took part in a firefight in an attempt to save Jack and allow him to detonate the bomb. Dr. Chang was present at the site, and attempted to turn off a construction drill which was on the verge of reaching an electromagnetic pocket of energy with no success. After killing or neutralizing all of the DHARMA personnel present at the site with the exception of Pierre Chang, who aided them by holding Radzinsky at gunpoint, Miles witnessed Jack drop the bomb down the drilling shaft, with no immediate effect. Shortly after, an electromagnetic incident occurred which pulled all metal objects toward the shaft, and Chang's hand was crushed and pinned under a steel beam. Miles lifted the beam, saving his father's life—and finally referring to him as "Dad"—and urged him to get as far away from the site as possible. A few moments later, the bomb was detonated by Juliet, who had fallen to the bottom of the shaft. ("The Incident, Part 2")

2007 (season 6)[]


Sawyer and Miles watch over Juliet's body. ("LA X, Part 2")

Miles survived the detonation of Jughead and a time flash transported him, along with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Hurley and Sayid, back to his original time period of 2007. He woke up and was the first to encounter Kate in the jungle. As Miles approached Kate, he startled her and was pushed to the ground before announcing to her, "It's me, Miles." Miles then spotted the Swan entrance and followed Kate further into the jungle. As the two reached the Hatch crater, Kate informed him that it is not the construction site, but the remains of the imploded Swan station, after Desmond had blown it up.

Once Jack and Sawyer awoke, Miles and the group heard muffled calls for help coming from the amassed wreckage in the middle of the Hatch hole. They all soon realized that it was Juliet stuck down there and immediately began removing the massive amounts of metal in an effort to try and save her. Jin brought the DHARMA van and some chains to try and remove a large beam that was in the way. Standing near the van, Miles questioned how Hurley knew that Sayid could be healed at the Temple. Miles then witnessed Sawyer emerge from the wreckage holding the dead body of Juliet. ("LA X, Part 1")

Sawyer and miles burring juliet

Sawyer and Miles bury Juliet. ("LA X, Part 2")

After Juliet's death, as the group prepared to make their way to the Temple, Miles noticed Hurley's guitar case and jokingly asked, "Are we gonna sing 'Kumbaya' on the way?". Before leaving, Sawyer asked Miles if he wouldn't mind hanging back with him to help bury Juliet's body. Miles agreed and, along with Sawyer, the two headed in the opposite direction as the rest of the group who made their way to the Temple. Following the burial, Miles offered an emotionally distraught Sawyer a beer and instead, Sawyer asked Miles to use his gift in order to determine what Juliet wanted to tell him before she died.

Miles then realized that this was the reason he was asked to stay. He refused Sawyer's request, explaining that that was "not how his gift works." After Sawyer insisted he use his gift, Miles yelled, "She's gone, James!" Sawyer then forced Miles to the ground and pleaded with him to use his gift. Miles then entered a trance, and stated that Juliet's message was "It worked." There was no further elaboration on what that meant, leaving Sawyer in a state of confusion.

Miles and Hurley 6x05

Miles played tic-tac-toe with Hurley. ("Lighthouse")

Sometime later Miles, along with an unconscious Sawyer, was brought to the spring where the rest of the group was being held. He explained to Kate that they were jumped in the jungle and brought to the Temple, stating that it took four people to knock Sawyer out. Inside the Temple, Miles sat near Sayid's dead body and stared at him, seeming to sense something unusual. When Hurley notice Miles doing this, he asked "What?" to which Miles, with a puzzled look on his face, replied, "Nothing." He then continued to observe Sayid's body. Shortly thereafter, Miles was among the witnesses to see the dead Sayid suddenly awakening. ("LA X, Part 2")

Miles, accompanied by Hurley, approached the resurrected Sayid and continued to stare at him in disbelief. Later, as Jack and Jin brought Sayid to the courtyard of the Temple, Miles handed Sayid a canteen of water and wittily informed him, "As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position, so that's pretty great."

As the group observed Sayid's completely healed wound, Dogen and Lennon entered the courtyard and requested that Sayid follow them for questioning. Just as Jack expressed that the group had a few questions of their own, a fight started and Miles was punched in the face, after which Sawyer fired a gun and announced that he was leaving. Not long after Sayid returned from "questioning," he revealed to Miles, Hurley, and Jack that he was, in fact, tortured. ("What Kate Does")

6x06 MeetingUpAgain

Miles meets up with Frank, Sun and Ilana. ("Sundown")

Miles then questioned the resurrected Sayid about whether or not he had experienced a white light, angels singing, or dead relatives in the afterlife, but Sayid stated that he could not remember anything. Miles and Hurley then excused themselves from Sayid and Jack's conversation, joking that they were headed to the Temple's "food court." Later that day Miles played tic-tac-toe with Hurley in the courtyard of the Temple, but the two decided to quit playing when Hurley went to get food. Meanwhile, Miles' last name, "Straume", was seen crossed out in the list of candidates that resided in the cliffside cave which was visited by Sawyer and the Man in Black. ("What Kate Does")  ("The Substitute")  ("Lighthouse")

Miles was still at the Temple during the events leading up to the Monster's attack. After Sayid revealed that he had been banished from the Temple and that Dogen wanted him dead, Miles explained to him that he had been dead for two hours, and that whatever brought him back to life, it wasn't Dogen or anyone else at the Temple. When Kate returned from the Barracks, Miles admitted he would've gone after Sawyer too, but knew Sawyer would have made him turn around and head back. Kate was surprised that Miles knew Sawyer better than she did. He welcomed Kate back to the "circus", and informed her that Claire had arrived at the Temple a couple of hours before, acting weird, but "...still hot, though." Later, at sundown, Miles heard the sounds of the Smoke Monster and witnessed it enter the Temple and begin to murder everyone. During the attack Miles fled from the Monster along with Kate, but the two got separated when Kate ran to get Claire. In the middle of the chaos, Miles barricaded himself in a room until the door was forced open by Ilana, who was accompanied by Ben, Sun, and Frank.


Miles reads the ashes of Jacob. ("Dr. Linus")

Seeing Ilana, Miles asked her who she was but she ignored his question by asking him the locations of Shephard (Jack), Reyes (Hurley), and Ford (Sawyer). Miles replied that they were all gone and that he was the only one left, also adding that Kate and he had gotten separated. Miles was surprised to see Frank and wondered how he had returned to the island. Frank told him that they would catch up later, but now he needed to 'move his ass' if he wanted to live. Ilana asked him if Jarrah (Sayid) was at the Temple and he replied by saying that he saw him go to the 'pool room'.

After Ben volunteered to go and get Sayid from the spring, Ilana ordered Miles and the rest to follow her to the secret exit that Hurley had used earlier to get out of the Temple with Jack. On their way, he asked Sun if she knew where Jin was, stating that he had been at the Temple in the morning and revealing to her that he was still alive. They then left the Temple safely through a secret back passage that Ilana found. ("Sundown")

6x07 MilesAndBen

Miles explains that Jacob was hoping he was wrong about Ben. ("Dr. Linus")

After escaping the Temple, Miles, along with Ilana, Frank, and Sun, met up with Ben in the jungle, where Ben informed the group of Dogen's and Lennon's deaths at the hands of Sayid. On the way back to the beach camp, Miles asked Ben what the Smoke Monster was, at which point Ilana turned around and asked Miles whether he would be able to use his gift to figure out who killed Jacob. Miles first explained to Ilana that he was only able to pick up someone's last thoughts before they 'check out,' and needed to be near their body. Ilana handed Miles the bag containing Jacob's ashes, and Miles then entered a trance. He then stated that it was not the Smoke Monster but Ben who had killed Jacob. When Ilana asked if he was sure, Miles replied that Ben "...was standing over Jacob's dead body with a bloody dagger, so yeah, I'm pretty sure."

Later, Miles approached Ben as Ilana was forcing Ben to dig his own grave. Miles offered him food, and remarked, "You're not exactly tearing it up on the digging front are you?" As Miles began to walk away, Ben offered him the $3.2 million he had demanded years ago, and all he had to do was cut Ben loose. Miles turned down the offer, stating that Ben wouldn't be able to write him a check on a banana leaf and that he didn't need Ben's money because nearby were a 'couple of jabronis' named Nikki and Paulo who got buried alive with $8 million in diamonds on top of them. Ben, in shock, stated that he couldn't believe Miles was going to do nothing and let Ben be murdered for killing Jacob, who hadn't cared about being killed. Miles abruptly told Ben that Jacob did, in fact, care about being killed; and told Ben that, "...right up until the second the knife went through his heart, he was hoping he was wrong about you... I guess he wasn't." As Jack, Hurley and Richard rejoined the camp, Miles sat alone and held one of the diamonds, having excavated them from the graves. ("Dr. Linus")

6x10 AskTheManWhoComunesWithTheDead

Miles and Frank watch as Jack tends to Sun's wound. ("The Package")

Later that evening, the newly formed group of Miles, Jack, Ben, Ilana, Sun, Hurley, Frank, and Richard were present at the campfire as Ilana and Sun explained to Jack that he, Sun and Hurley are candidates to replace Jacob. After discussing the existence of the candidates and what their next plan is, Miles listened to Richard as he declared that all of them were "...literally dead" and that they "...are not on an island" but are in Hell. Richard told the group that it was time to start listening to someone else, grabbed a torch, and walked off into the jungle. Miles continued to listen as Sun explained to Jack that the 'someone' Richard was referring to was in fact Locke. Still gathered around the campfire, Miles heard Ben reveal to Frank that Richard does not age. ("Ab Aeterno")

The next morning, Miles sat and played cards with Frank. While Ilana and Ben discussed whether or not Hurley was capable of returning with Richard, Miles showed doubt regarding Hurley's ability to track anything, stating that unless Richard happened to be covered in bacon grease, Hurley would not bring Richard back. Ilana stated that because Jacob had never lied to her they would wait for Richard to return to tell them what to do. At that point the group witnessed Sun angrily walk off into the jungle.


Miles opts to follow Richard and Ben. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

After Sun was found unconscious in the jungle, Jack inspected her head wound. Miles stated his disbelief that Sun's injury was an accident, and stared pointedly at Ben. Just then, Miles noticed Ilana smiling, turned around, and saw Richard return to camp followed by Hurley. The group then gathered around Richard, who proceeded to explain to the group that they needed to go to Hydra Island in order to destroy the Ajira plane Frank landed there, so that they could stop Locke from using it to leave the Island. Miles then turned to Hurley and asked, "This is your fault, isn't it?" ("The Package")

The next day he was present when Ilana accidentally blew herself up while mishandling some dynamite. He traveled with Jack, Hurley, Sun, Frank, Ben, and Richard to the Black Rock to get more dynamite. After Hurley blew up the Black Rock to prevent them from doing so, Miles asked him why. Hurley told him that Michael had told him to do it. Miles decided to accompany Richard and Ben to get some more dynamite from the DHARMA Barracks to blow up the Ajira plane and stop the Man in Black. Miles told Hurley that he had seen 'that thing' (The Smoke Monster) in action and that "...it doesn't want to talk." ("Everybody Loves Hugo")


Miles with Ben and Richard look over at the Barracks. ("What They Died For")

When the group reached the Barracks, Miles lamented over Ben's "shortcut" to the Barracks. Once there, Miles sensed the dead body of Alex, which led to Richard telling Ben that he buried her after Ben left. Ben did not seem consoled by this fact. Ben led them into his old DHARMA house, where he opened a secret door in his closet to take C4. Miles asked about Ben's secret room, which he dubbed "the secreter room". After, they discovered that Charles Widmore and Zoe had arrived on the Island. Widmore mentioned that he already had the plane rigged with explosives. Zoe went outside to check the surroundings, and reported that the Man in Black had arrived and was coming for them. Widmore and Zoe hid in Ben's closet, but not before Ben took one of Widmore's walkie-talkies and gave one to Miles. As Ben and Richard stayed to confront the Man in Black, Miles ran off into the jungle, his backpack still filled with C4. ("What They Died For")

After escaping the Barracks, Miles discovers the stunned Richard in the jungle after he was attacked the Monster. He attempts to contact Ben on the walkie-talkie Ben gave him, but is unable to reach him. When Richard awakens, he and Miles conspire to go to Hydra Island and finish what they started, destroy the Ajira Plane to prevent the Man in Black from leaving the Island.

Screen shot 2010-05-29 at 5.14

Miles smiles as the Ajira plane leaves the Island. ("The End")

Miles and Richard travel to Hydra Island in an outrigger, on the way finding various wreckage from the Submarine explosion, and among the wreckage, Frank Lapidus. Frank suggests that instead of destroying the plane, they fly it off the island, as he is a pilot after all. At Hydra Island, Miles, Richard, and Frank are confronted by Claire. Although Richard tries to convince her to come with them to escape the Man in Black, Claire declines. Miles, Richard, and Frank repair the plane. Miles helps fix the hydraulics with duct tape, which is one of the few things he believes in. As the plane starts heading down the runway, Sawyer, Kate, and Claire run on. As the three board, the plane sped down the runway and lifted off. As Ajira flew off into the distance, Miles smiled. ("The End")

After the Island[]

What happened to Miles after he left the island is unknown. It is likely that he made a life for himself from the buried diamonds, worth $8 million, which he recovered from Nikki and Paulo's grave.

Flash sideways[]

Miles had been outside while his partner James Ford was involved in a set-up to catch a con man that went wrong. Once his partner James, said the word, "LaFleur", Miles, along with other officers, busted down the door to the motel room to save his partner who was being held at gunpoint. Miles then entered the room and gave his James back his badge, telling him, "Put your damn clothes back on Jim."


Miles listens to James Ford tell him about his life long obsession with Anthony Cooper. ("Recon")

Miles returned to the police station and overheard a phone conversation that James was having, in which he asked for a man named "Anthony Cooper." Miles asked James if Anthony Cooper was a friend James had seen during his recent trip to Palm Springs. Miles then reminded James that he had set him up on a date with Charlotte Lewis, his father's co-worker, and suggested James attend, unless he wanted to "die alone."

Sometime later, after specifically expressing to James that he could tell him anything, Miles discovered that James had lied to him by claiming that he took a trip to Palm Springs when he actually went to Australia. Angry about the lie, Miles told James that if they couldn't trust one another, he no longer wanted to be James' partner. Later on, while sitting in James' parked car, James told Miles about his parents' deaths and that the reason he went to Australia was to chase a lead that surfaced the name "Anthony Cooper." During this conversation, James' car was crashed into by another car being chased by police vehicles. Miles and James joined the pursuit just as the woman driving the car jumped out and ran into an alley. They caught up to her and discovered that she was Kate Austen. ("Recon")

Later that day, Miles was at the police station, while James Ford questioned Kate. Miles interrupted the conversation, telling James that they "Got a live one." He tells James that the case was a multiple homicide at a local restaurant involving a lowlife named Keamy and three goons on his payroll. He then added that a Korean female suffered a gunshot wound at the scene, and that her boyfriend witnessed it all. When James asked if they had any suspects, Miles said that an ATM surveillance camera caught a "jabroni" (Italian slang which broadly means "loser" or "idiot") fleeing the scene, indicating that was their "bad guy".

Once Miles identified the "jabroni" as Sayid Jarrah, he and James drove over to Omer Jarrah's house, where they suspected Sayid would be staying. Miles rang the doorbell and presented his badge, where he was then greeted by Nadia Jarrah. Miles walked in the door and introduced himself as "Detective Straume", and when he informed Nadia that he needed to ask her some questions, Miles noticed a suitcase packed with clothes, indicating Sayid had already left. However, as Sayid escaped through the back door, James tripped him with a garden hose and arrested him. ("The Last Recruit")

Miles rings james

Miles informs James of Sayid's whereabouts. ("The End")

Later, Miles is getting dressed at the Police Station, preparing himself for a concert at his father's museum. James, forgetting about the concert, asks if somebody had died. Miles reminds James about the concert and Miles sarcastically states that James could still be his date if he wants to, but upon realizing that Charlotte would be there, James declines. Desmond then approaches them and reveals that he is the one who ran over John Locke and attacked Ben Linus. ("What They Died For")


Miles and Charlotte at the concert. ("The End")

Miles later arrives at the concert but as he gets out of his car, he notices Hurley's Hummer, having just dropped off Charlie Pace, and spots Sayid Jarrah sitting in the passenger seat. Alarmed, he rings James at the Police Station. James tells Miles that he couldn't have seen Jarrah as he sent him to County Lock-Up an hour earlier, but Miles informs James that when he called, they said Jarrah never turned up. Miles then orders James to make sure that Sun is safe, as she was 'the only witness' left seen alive.

At the concert, Miles is sitting with his friend Charlotte watching Daniel Widmore featuring Driveshaft. He was not seen at the Church along with Jack and his friends as he was apparently not yet ready to 'move on'. ("The End")

Additional casting[]

  • Young Miles was played by Lance Ho. In his casting call he was described as "Little boy. 8-12 years old, Asian. Precocious and inquisitive, he wanders away from his mom and finds himself in a scary situation but discovers he’s got more fortitude than he ever imagined."[1]


  • Miles is one of 13 main characters to not have their name appear in a soundtrack title.
  • Miles was the 26th character to ever have a flashback.
  • Miles was the eleventh and final character to have a flash-sideways.
  • Miles is one of the six characters to have their first flashback in the episode they first appeared in. The other five are Charlotte, Lapidus, Jack, Juliet, and Jacob.
  • Miles is the only character to have one centric episode in every season they appeared in (even though he only had one devoted solely to himself).
  • Miles is one of the two living members of the Kahana Freighter crew, along with Frank.
  • Miles is the only member of the Kahana crew to have been a regular since season 4. Daniel and Charlotte were only regulars until season 5 (and "The End"), Lapidus was only a regular in season 6, and Naomi was never a regular.
  • Miles spent his whole time on the Island since his arrival on the Kahana, leaving it only in the finale.
    • Miles is, along with Kate and Frank, one of the few characters who has left the Island twice.
  • It would seem that Miles leaves the Island with the bag of diamonds, making him a multi-millionaire. It is unlikely that he ever received compensation from Charles Widmore for taking part in the Kahana mission, given Widmore's eventual demise and he apparently was not paid in advance.
  • Miles is the only season 6 main character to never meet or see the Man In Black in human form, he only saw him as smoke form twice, once in The Shape of Things to Come, and in Sundown.
  • Miles was a main character for three seasons. After Ben and Desmond, he's the main character (along with Juliet) who lasted longest in the series while not being part of the original cast.
    • Miles is the only non-815 survivor main character to have been a regular for every season in which he appeared. Ben, Desmond, Richard, Frank and Ilana were guest stars before they were regulars, while Juliet, Daniel and Charlotte were guest stars after they were regulars.
  • Miles is one of only two characters to be members of four out of the five major factions on the Island, the DHARMA Initiative, the survivors, the Ajira survivors, the Others and the Kahana crew. Miles wasn't part of the Ajira survivors, though he was part of the other groups. Ben is the only other character to have been a part of four major Island factions.
  • Miles' episode count so far is 34 as of "The End".
    • Ken Leung's appearance in "Recon" and "The Last Recruit" was only as flash-sideways Miles, whose appearances are noted on his page.
    • He appears in "Ab Aeterno" although he has no dialogue.
  • Miles has met all of the main characters except Boone, Eko, Libby, Shannon and Walt.
    • Miles probably saw the dead bodies of Nikki and Paulo in the graveyard, as it was implied he dug them up to get their diamonds. ("Dr. Linus")
    • Miles saw Charlie perform at the concert in the flash-sideways timeline.
    • Miles saw Desmond when he was talking to James Ford in the flash-sideways in the police station and gave himself up. ("What They Died For")
    • Miles has probably met Ana Lucia in the flash-sideways, as they work in the same police station.
  • Miles was born on the Island, according to his character bio on the ABC website.[1]
    • However, the DHARMA Initiative doctor was not an obstetrician and the resident said that pregnant women "always" leave the Island via the submarine to give birth. (Ethan had to be delivered on the Island because his mother missed the submarine and went into labor two weeks early.) ("LaFleur")
  • Miles was born in the same year as Ethan and possibly Daniel.
  • When Miles is talking to Naomi's body in a hushed tone, he is actually speaking in reverse, much like the whispers. When the audio is reversed he is clearly saying, "You've got to see it through."
  • In "Some Like It Hoth", Miles is standing a short distance away from an infant version of himself. This is the only instance in which the time-traveling characters have met or seen themselves.
  • Since arriving on the island via the freighter, Miles was never seen without his watch.
  • Two very visibly different babies portray Miles in "Because You Left" and "Some Like It Hoth". It is only by "The Variable" that these events are shown to be only hours apart and in a reverse chronological order (the latter episode showing the prior events).
  • Baby Miles was present during the filming of the Dharma booth video, which was proven to be non-canonical at the conclusion of season 5. In the video, his crying interrupted the filming, and Pierre ordered Lara to take him outside.
  • Even though he was a baby, Miles was the first main character seen in season 5.
  • Miles usually refers to people by the surnames if he knows them, notably Ben Linus and Richard Alpert.
  • Both Miles and his friend and fellow Kahana crewmember Daniel Faraday were born within nine months of each other to high-ranking members of opposing factions on the Island.
  • The nature and limits of Miles' ability have been inconsistent. In his debut episode, Miles appears to communicate with a dead person whose body is not present. The deceased person also appears to reveal the hidden drugs and money, implying that they could impact the environment. In a deleted scene from "The Economist", Miles displays knowledge that seems to come from a source other than the dead- the fence being down (though this isn't canon). The same inconsistency possibly occurred with Michael in "Meet Kevin Johnson" and Charlotte in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2": he knows that Michael is lying about his name and Charlotte is looking for home without any reason being given. In season 5, the nature and limits of his mediumship were made clear and have been consistent ever since.
  • Miles is the character with most appearances not to be seen on the day of the crash.
  • Miles is the only major character other than Eko, Ilana and Frank who was never romantically paired.
  • Miles is one of nine male main characters alive at the end of the series, not counting the flash sideways.


  • In an interview in EW Magazine:, Damon Lindelof said, "With Miles Straume, we just thought it would be cool if his name sounded like 'maelstrom'."
  • "Miles" is a main character in Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, an American ghost story previously referenced on Lost. ("Orientation")  ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1") In the novel, Miles is a ten-year-old boy whose governess becomes obsessed with the idea that he and his younger sister are going to be (or have already been) corrupted by the ghosts of their deceased former governess and her lover.
  • "Straume" means "stream" in Latvian, Danish and Norwegian (spelled "Strøm"), and is a common surname in those countries under both spellings.

Unanswered questions[]

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Miles Straume/Theories
  • How exactly is he able to interact with the dead, and how did he get this power?
  • How did he know Charlotte was trying to "get back" to the Island?
  • How did he know "Kevin Johnson" aka Michael was lying about his name?
  • Why was his name crossed out from the candidates list?