Mikhail's document was a typed document, apparently created by Mikhail Bakunin, and found by Locke in the Flame station. Positioned in a Cyrillic typewriter, it was written in Russian, with some handwritten text in the margins written in red. ("Enter 77")


English translation

... were lost in his land, and they should
... force and, if necessary, through complete social

... in some measure pushed Andrey Red note #1 away. Nadji was not
... Afghan resistance, however he was an excellent
... He was a second cousin of an influential
... who controlled of one of the northwestern
...ical specialist helping
... Mujahideen* used against...
... of courage Nadji compensated with his wits...
... of a fundamentalist. Just like all the radicals of that time, Nadji...
... at his madrasah** believed that they are holding back the West and...
were paving the way for Allah, so that he could erase the infidels from the face of the Earth, at the
time that Andrey thought that the fall of Afghanistan will become an impulse for
a new social revolution Red note #2
... "The Pakistanis arrived today", Nadji reported with a strong accent
in grandiloquent Russian.
... We knew that the ISI*** would be involved. And you...
... report this?" Andrey knew that he...
... "I thought that you...

Red handwritten notes

  1. My name is also Andrey.
  2. I have forgotten so much about Afghanistan.


Russian transcription

... были потерянны в его стране, и они должны
... силой и, если необходимо, через полный социальный

... в какой то мере оттолкнул Андрея. Наджи не был
... афганского сопротивления, однако он был отличным
... Он был троюродным братом влиятельного
... который контролировал одну из северо-западных
...ическим специалистом, помогавшим
... муджахедины использовали против...
... отваги Наджи компенсировал умом и...
...фундаменталиста. Как и все радикалы того времени, Наджи
...в его медресе верили в то, что они сдерживают Запад и
прокладывают дорогу Аллаху, чтобы тот стер с лица земли неверных, в то
время как Андрей считал, что падение Афганистана станет импульсом к
новой социальной революции.
... «Пакистанцы прибыли сегодня», сообщил Наджи с сильным акцентом
на высокопарном русском языке.
... Мы знали, что ИСИ будет вовлечена в это. И ты...
...сообщить это?». Андрей знал, что он...
... «Я считал, что ты...

Red handwritten notes

  1. Меня тоже зовут Андрей.
  2. Я так много забыл об Афганистане.


  • Andrey, also transliterated as Andrei, is a common Russian variant of the name Andrew. The name Andrew is of Greek origin, and it means "man," or "warrior."
    • The name of the actor who plays Mikhail is also Andrew.
  • The name "Nadji" is similar to "Najeev", Sayid's cover-up name in "Enter 77".
  • There are no gross errors in the paper, but for a native Russian speaker, its style seems to create an impression that it has been written by a foreigner.
    • It could be argued that the style of the document indicates that it is a professional historical account (e.g. an intelligence document) and not a personal note (which would be much more casual in tone). The letter could possibly be a novel that Mikhail has been writing in isolation while at The Flame.