A C-4 bomb was shipped to Michael Dawson by the Others. Michael originally believed it was intended to be used to blow up the freighter Kahana, but, after initiating its detonator with an activation code, he learned that the bomb was not rigged to explode—"not yet". ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Packaging and shipment

The bomb was shipped to "Kevin Johnson" in a padlocked crate. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

The bomb came in a padlocked crate addressed to "Kevin Johnson", the alias given to Michael for his mission as a spy and saboteur for Ben Linus in the guise of a deckhand aboard the Kahana. The crate was shipped to the freighter via FedEx to the Kahana in its Suva, Fiji port, and was received by Naomi, who told Michael that it would be delivered to his berth while she welcomed him aboard.

Packed inside the crate was a locked carry case packed with ordinary tools, like pliers and screwdrivers. The explosives and detonator were hidden beaneath the toolkit's false bottom.


The bomb counts down from 15 seconds after Michael pushes the button. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Michael took the bomb to the engine room of the Kahana, and, placing it near a fuel pipe, unlocked its case with a key, and removed the false bottom to reveal plastic explosives, detonation circuitry, a numbered keypad, an LCD timer display, and a large red lighted button labeled "EXECUTE". He entered activation code 71776. After hearing the whispers, seeing a vision of Libby (who told him, "Don't do it, Michael"), and uttering, "I love you, Walt", Michael pressed the "EXECUTE" button. A timer counted down from 15 seconds. At the end of the countdown, the bomb did not explode; instead, a small flag popped up from the case. Michael removed the roll of paper from the flag and unrolled it. It read, "NOT YET".


No boom, "not yet". ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

In a radio call to the Kahana, Ben explained to Michael that the bomb was meant to show Michael the difference between Ben and his alleged adversary, Charles Widmore, owner of the Kahana, whom Ben described as "a monster, a killer without conscience or a greater purpose". Ben evinced surprise that Michael had actually gone so far as to activate the bomb, which, according to Ben, would have killed innocent people aboard the freighter.