"Mess It All Up"
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©2006 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Mess It All Up" is an orchestral piece on the Season 2 soundtrack. This slow, dolorous theme initially highlights various things that have gone wrong in Hurley's past, but eventually plays over some of his happier emotional scenes as well.

Main appearance

Learning that Hurley plans to destroy the Swan's food, Rose demands an explanation. Hurley says he fears the survivors will resent him for his choices. In a flashback, we see how Johnny resented Hurley's newfound wealth when he won the lottery.

Full list of appearances

"Mess It All Up" and its variations play during the following scenes


"Closure", "The Lone Hugo", "The Swinging Bendulum", "Smokey and the Bandits" and "Temple And Spring" use the theme from "Mess It All Up".

Title significance

The piece takes its title from a Hurley quote. Hurley says the new food will "mess it all up"—it will ruin the survivors' dynamic with each other and with Hurley.