Press conference map showing Membata's location

Membata is the uncharted and uninhabited island in Indonesia where it is claimed that the Oceanic Six floated to shore. On maps presented at the Oceanic Airlines Press Conference it is located in the Lesser Sunda Islands, to the northeast of the alleged crash site, and to the southwest of the real Indonesian island of Sumba. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")



Location on Google Earth according to "numbers" co-ordinates

  • Membata is Indonesian for "doubt" or "uncertainty".
  • Entering the "numbers" co-ordinates 10°48'15.16"S / 117°23'42.01"E into Google Earth discloses a location close to where Membata is depicted in the conference maps.
  • Membata has the same shape as the main island in the Savu Island group, located to the southeast of Sumba.
Membata Savu

Membata-Savu comparison

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