Melbourne Walkabout Tours is the Australian tour company visited by Locke. Locke had bought tickets for himself and the woman he was fantasizing to be Helen, but she turned him down, and he traveled there alone. Despite having a booking, he was refused passage just before the tour bus left because the travel agent saw him in a wheelchair and believed he would not have the physical stamina to keep up with the active adventure tour.

The company was also featured in the deleted scenes from "The Other 48 Days" from the Season 2 DVD. Amongst the scenes shown was one of a mysterious crate being hauled ashore by crash survivors which had the company's logo stenciled on it. (Image at Thetailsection.com)


  • The Melbourne Walkabout Tours was filmed at 1 N. King St. in downtown Honolulu. Formerly the Studio 1 art gallery, this property is currently occupied by McClain's Auctions.[source needed]
  • A real life sized brochure for Melbourne Walkabout Tours is included with the Locke action figure.

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