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Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 8: Meet Kevin Johnson-Enhanced
Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This gathering takes place
in Locke's house at the barracks
where Locke recently freed Ben
from his basement cell.

Locke is escorting Miles Straume.
Miles is a member of the freighter team
and working for Charles Widmore
but has recently become Locke's prisoner.

Miles made an offer to Ben
that he'd tell Widmore that Ben was dead
for $3.2 million.

Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby
two survivors from the tail section of the plane.

Sayid and Desmond came to the freighter
to try to arrange rescue
for everyone on the island.

This is Captain Gault.
A note was left for Sayid and Desmond
warning them not to trust the captain.

Minkowski was the communications officer
who died from a brain aneurism
caused by the same condition
that Desmond experienced.

Johnson is actually Michael
an Oceanic 815 survivor who got off the island.
He is now working as a spy for Ben.

Act 2

Ben has been held prisoner twice by the survivors.
On both occasions, he used manipulation
to find a way out of captivity.

Alex is Ben's adoptive daughter.
Ben orchestrated her kidnapping from Danielle
16 years ago.

Ben ordered the Others to go to the Temple
in the Season 3 finale.
In the actual timeline of the island
that was just a few days ago.

The survivors have not seen Michael
since Ben gave him a boat
to leave the island with his son, Walt
in "Live Together, Die Alone" in Season 2.

This is a photo of Michael and his son Walt
when Walt was a baby.

Michael returned to his home in New York
after he left the island with Walt.
This flashback takes place
a couple of weeks after their departure.

The song playing on the radio
is "It's Getting Better" by Mama Cass.
Desmond listened to the Mama Cass song
"Make Your Own Kind of Music"
in the Swan DHARMA station
in "Man of Science, Man of Faith" in Season 2.

Jack uttered the same words, "I'm sorry"
just before he was about to jump off a bridge
in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Act 3

Libby was also carrying blankets
when Michael shot her in the Swan station.

Just before Michael and Walt
boarded Oceanic Flight 815 in Sydney
Michael called his mother to ask her
if she would take Walt off his hands.

An Oceanic plane with 324 dead bodies
was found at the bottom of the Sunda Trench
off the coast of Bali in the Indian Ocean.
The public was led to believe it was Flight 815.

Michael has shown he'll do anything for Walt.
He even committed murder
as a means to get Walt back from the Others
who abducted Walt from Michael's raft.

Jin gave this watch to Michael
as a sign of friendship
when they were onboard the raft.

Michael pawned Jin's Rolex watch
for a .38 Special handgun.
This is Tom Friendly, an Other
and the man who kidnapped Walt from the raft.

Act 4

Friendly will soon return to the island
where he will be shot and killed by Sawyer
as we saw in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass".

Walt told Locke, "you have work to do"
just after Ben shot Locke and left him for dead
in "Through the Looking Glass" in Season 3.

You may have heard the contestant
on the TV game show answer "Kurt Vonnegut."
The noted author attempted suicide in 1984
and wrote many essays on the subject.

This is the plane found in the Sunda Trench.
Ben claims Charles Widmore planted it.
While Captain Gault
who works for Widmore on the freighter
says that Ben orchestrated the hoax.

Mr. Friendly is staying at the Hotel Earle
an old New York landmark
where Bob Dylan lived for a time
as did Ramblin' Jack Elliott.

Ben recently told Locke
that Widmore wants to find the island
to exploit its unique properties.

The island's location was briefly detected
by two men in a monitoring station.
The detection was made possible
when Desmond turned the fail-safe key
and the Swan station exploded
in the Season 2 finale, "Live Together, Die Alone."

Act 5

This is the Port of Suva in Fiji.
Suva is Fiji's capital city
and the largest port in Fiji.

This is George Minkowski
the freighter's communications officer.
He will die from a brain aneurism
after he gets too close to the island.

This is Naomi, the leader of the expedition.
She will eventually parachute onto the island
and die when Locke throws a knife in her back.

Charlie was also from Manchester, England.

Miles is supposedly a "ghost hunter"
and claims he can talk to the dead.

Frank Lapidus was an airline pilot.
He was scheduled to fly Oceanic 815
on the day of the crash, but was replaced.

Lapidus knows that the alleged body of the pilot
shown in the footage of the wreckage
is not actually the body of the pilot who flew 815.

This is Keamy
the man who took Desmond to sick bay
when Desmond arrived on the freighter
experiencing side effects.

Michael's words echo those of Desmond
when Des said, "I love you, Penny"
just before he turned the fail-safe key
to blow up the Swan DHARMA station.

Act 6

This is the communications room.
It's the same room where Desmond called Penny
and spoke with her
for the first time in over 3 years
in this season's episode, "The Constant."

Ben is in his secret room
at his house in the barracks.
Sayid discovered the room earlier this season
in "The Economist."

Ben released poison gas on the island
to kill all the members of the DHARMA Initiative.

Ben told Michael that the Others
were "the good guys"
just before Michael left the island with Walt.

Sayid will eventually work as a hit man for Ben
as was revealed in "The Economist."

Danielle shipwrecked on the island
over 16 years ago.
She has lived alone in the jungle ever since.

Karl's line, "I have a bad feeling about this"
is a line spoken in all the Star Wars films.
All of the writers on LOST
are big fans of the Star Wars saga.

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