There are many doctors and other medical practitioners featured in Lost.

St. Sebastian Hospital

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Dr. Jack Shephard
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  • Jack Shephard is a doctor and leader-figure of the middle section. He has control issues and trouble dealing with situations that he cannot fix. However, these are also attributes that lend him the ability to function well in a crisis.
  • When his father performed surgery under the influence of alcohol, causing the death of a young woman, Jack initially covered for his father by lying during the inquest. He later changed his statement after being informed that the woman was pregnant at the time of her death.
  • When two patients arrived at St Sebastians following a car crash, Jack chose to treat his future wife, Sarah Shephard, forgoing the oppurtunity to treat the other patient, Shannon's father Adam Rutherford, who died shortly afterwards.
Dr. Christian Shephard
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  • Christian Shephard was the Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital, where Jack also worked.
  • Refused to operate on Angelo Busoni
  • Operated on a patient under the influence of alcohol, inadvertently causing her death.
  • Lost his medical license after Jack reported him for performing surgery under the influence.
Head Doctor
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  • Head Doctor The head doctor of St. Sebastian's peer review panel appears in "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues." and reveals the fact that Jack's father's patient that he killed by operating drunk was pregnant, thus making Christian liable for not one, but two, deaths. This startles Jack into reneging on his promise to his father to lie that the death was accidental. Thus, not-so-dear old dad loses his hospital privileges and is estranged from Jack.
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The first Anesthesiologist was present during the surgery performed by Jack on Beth at St. Sebastian Hospital in "Man of Science, Man of Faith."

There was also the Anesthesiologist No. 2, a different person, also working with Jack at St. Sebastian Hospital (on Sarah) in "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues."

Locke's nurse
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Patti Hastie
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Rob Hamill
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Dr. Gary Nadler
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Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute

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Dr. Brooks
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Dr. Curtis
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  • Dr. Curtis works at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.
  • Recognizes Hurley as a former patient.
Nurse Lazenby
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  • Nurse at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.
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  • Argued with Hurley when he tried to get in to see Leonard.
Dr. Stillman
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The Others

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Ethan Rom
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  • Goodwin is seen as a surgeon operating on Sabine in "One of Us."
Mikhail Bakunin
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  • Mikhail patches up Sayid's arm in "Enter 77."
  • Later, in "D.O.C.," Mikhail explains that he was a field medic in the army, and fixes Naomi's wound in exchange for his freedom.
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Unnamed Other #6
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Miami Central University Medical Research Laboratory

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Juliet Burke
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  • Worked as a fertility doctor. Tested the fertility drug A4993-E3 on her infertile sister, Rachel, with ultimately successful results.
Edmund Burke
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  • Juliet's boss and ex-husband.
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  • Worked as a research assistant. Hired by Edmund Burke

The Kahana

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Only appearing in The Lost Experience

  • Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk is the "heir apparent" to Alvar Hanso in leading the the Hanso Foundation. His doctorate seems to be questionable.
  • Dr. Armand Zander is the director of the Vik Institute; specializes in psychiatry. He knows about a secret ward in the subbasement, where they are running the Valenzetti equation over and over again with autistic savants and mathematicians. Dr. Zander Disappeared shortly after meeting with Rachel Blake
  • Dr. Hackett works at the Engineering Development Center
  • Dr. Amy Honale was mentioned in the Captown Inquirer article as working for the South African Hanso hospital embroiled in an illegal organ harvest scandal.
  • Dr. Roderick Johnson worked for the Centers for Disease Control, and had correspondence with the Global Welfare Consortium.
  • Dr. Eliza Vasquez was the physician who treated Alvar Hanso after his myocardial infarction at his Narvik Villa. She drew blood without his consent while he was unconscious. She then became very concerned about blood results, and tried unsuccessfully to contact him on multiple occasions by mail.
  • Dr. Kini headed Project Sumo
  • Dr. Perez was also involved in Project Sumo
  • Nurse "Sophia" was the former nurse of Mittelwerk. Rachel Blake tried to convince her to turn informant for her, but didn't have enough money to bribe her to give all her information.

Cast and crew

Some of the real people involved with the production of Lost are medical personnel.