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  2. More appropriate for another article.
  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
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  • Is Tom Friendly in the alternate timeline.
    • It's very unlikely, since it's a different actor.
Mechanic (What Kate Does)
  • The taxi driver, the two nurses, and the cop were all listed in the credits. The mechanic was played by Jeff Kober (imdb page), but he was not listed in the credits. Previously, they deliberately left Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang from the credits in Orientation. The mechanic will prove to be an important/recurring character with connections to other Lost characters.
3x20 Jacob portrait
  • The mechanics shades and the zoom in on his face emphasize his unusual eye color; he has Kates eyes, he's her biological father.
  • Ethan was at the hospital when Claire and Kate arrived. He was at the right place at the right time--probably not a coincidence. Other characters that we are just now meeting may also be in the right places at the right time--this mechanic could be another "other" in this timeline.
  • The mechanic bears a strong resemblance to the figure in Jacob's cabin in The Man Behind the Curtain. That figure is obviously not Jacob nor MIB (nor anyone else). We will see this character in future episodes.
    • The man in the cabin was Rob Kyker, the Lost prop master.
    • Also there was a casting call, could have looked like anyone. (I know there is the possibilty of hoping someone looked like person in cabin, but highly unlikely)
  • Just like Jacob had Richard Alpert as a slave/helper , MIB has one too, this might be the man in the cabin that looks like the mechanic.
  • Kober is fairly recognizable actor. Like Jeff Fahey, he had a period of popularity in his acting career that would make such a small role in LOST seem gratuitous. They could have found a million actors to that little part if it was not important. Instead, they cast a fairly well-known actor with a cult following. We will see him again.
    • They did something similair in season 5 with Bram. The first time we see him, it's just a long focus shot on the beach, without Bram interacting with other Ajira people. Later on it is revealed that he is more important.

The mechanic definetly has no significant role in the show and will not be seen again

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