"Maternity Hell" is an orchestral piece on the Season 4 soundtrack.

Scene description

In the hospital, a nurse removes Sun's wedding ring and starts pumping her with anesthetics. A doctor asks if he should call anyone, and she tells him to contact her husband.

In a flashback, Jin puts his new panda in a taxi. A pedestrian knocks his phone out of his hand, and a scooter crushes it. Then another passenger gets in his taxi and drives off.

Jin returns to the toy store he earlier visited and demands another panda. When he learns the only one left is on hold, he offers more money till the store clerk gives in.

Full list of appearances

  • Charlie and Jack climb out of the cave. ("The Moth")
  • Kate steals the Haliburton Case from Sawyer. He chases her. ("Whatever the Case May Be")
  • Jin runs into a toy store to buy a panda. ("Ji Yeon")
    • Sun calls out Jin's name in the hospital. Jin loses his panda. ("Ji Yeon")


The piece uses the show's main theme.

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