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Mario Perez was the official still photographer on Lost's production crew. His photographs are taken on set during filming, and are seen in ABC's promotional images on, as well as in Lost: The Official Magazine. The still photographer uses a device called a "Blimp"[1] [2], depicted in the photo at right, to dampen the camera's click during active filming. He can be seen in the background, holding a camera, of one of Charlie's flashbacks in "The Moth" as he enters the dressing room after a concert.

1x07 Charlie tshirt
Perez (left) appears as an extra in "The Moth".


  • Perez is originally from California but now lives on the Hawaiian island of Kauai [3]
  • Was the still photographer for Baywatch Hawaii [4]
  • Is a member of IATSE [5]

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