Mariah Everman was a reporter of World News, she was present at the press conference arranged for the Oceanic Six. Her questions were aimed towards Hurley and Sayid. She asked Hurley how it felt to know he was going to get all his money back, and Sayid whether it was possible there were any other survivors from the crash yet to be discovered. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


  • Although the character was credited as Blonde Reporter only, her name Mariah Everman is listed on her press pass, which is shown clearly in the catalog when the prop became one of the item of Lost: The Auction.

The guest list for the benefit concert

  • The name Mariah Everman also appeared on the guest list for the benefit concert in the flash sideways world, but it is unlikely to have any canoncial connection with Mariah the reporter, as Mariah Everman is just a common name used on props.