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Margaret Doversola
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown
Job(s) Principal Performers Casting Director
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Margaret Doversola was the principals Performers Casting Director for Lost for Season 2, 3, and 4 replacing Anna Fishburn. Doversola was succeeded by Rachel Sutton in Season 5 [1]. Doversola also worked with Julie Carlson, who is the background actors casting agent for all seasons thus far. She can be seen on Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD), in the feature "Lost in a Day", locating a Scottish actor for "Catch-22".


  • Doversola has also been involved with many other Hawaii television productions, including Magnum, P.I., North Shore, and Hawaii.
  • She has also worked on ER.
  • Her only acting role to date came in A Rock and a Hard Place in which she portrayed Sister Marie.
  • Doversola is originally from the United Kingdom.

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