Sawyer questions the Man in Black about the nature of the stick. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

At the Man in Black's camp, the Man in Black began whittling a large wooden stick with his knife. Sawyer asked him what it was that he was making. The Man in Black's answer was that he didn't know yet, but when the time was right it would tell him. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

The Man in Black uses the stick to destroy Zoe's walkie-talkie. ("The Last Recruit")

Later, Zoe came into the camp, and tried to persuade the Man in Black to return Desmond to Widmore. She demonstrated the power of Widmore's team by exploding several shells near the camp. She then gave the Man in Black until nightfall to return what he took; or next time they wouldn't miss. She gave him a walkie-talkie and told him to call her when he was ready for them to pick Desmond up. Right after she left, however, the Man in Black dropped the walkie-talkie to the ground and smashed it with the stick. ("The Last Recruit")