The Man in Black's bomb was retrieved by the Man in Black from the Ajira plane, which was allegedly rigged with explosives by Charles Widmore and his team. The explosives served as a bomb, aiding the Man in Black in killing Jacob's candidates. The Man in Black planted the bomb in Jack Shephard's backpack before he boarded Widmore's submarine, planning for one of the group to try to disconnect the bomb, which would accelerate the count and cause the bomb to explode, sinking the sub and killing all of the candidates. Despite Jack's efforts to convince him otherwise, Sawyer tried to pull one of the wires, triggering the accelerated count. In order to save their lives, Sayid Jarrah grabbed the bomb and ran to the back of the submarine before it exploded, instantly killing him. Although it failed to immediately kill the other candidates, the bomb's detonation caused fatal damage to the sub, forcing the group to escape. The bomb partially succeeded in its purpose, however, as Sun-Hwa Kwon was trapped by wreckage and drowned along with her husband, Jin, who refused to leave her as the sub sank. The scuttling of the vessel also killed any crew left aboard. ("The Candidate")

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