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Oceanic Airlines flight attendant
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...working as flight attendant aboard Oceanic Flight 815
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...working as flight attendant aboard Oceanic Flight 815
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The male flight attendant was a flight attendant aboard Oceanic Flight 815.

Before the plane took off, he was watching over the cabin as the passengers boarded Oceanic Flight 815. ("Exodus, Part 2")

During the flight, he was approached by Cindy and informed that Charlie was acting erratically. He joined her and JD and pursued him to the front of the plane. ("Pilot, Part 2")

This flight attendant perished in the plane crash.

Possible appearances

  • Some fans believe the dead body that Mr. Eko pulls out of the water in "The Other 48 Days" may be the male flight attendant. However, this man's face is not shown, and he had a red tie on, while the male flight attendant wore a blue one. (See image)
  • He also may be the male flight attendant identified as Hunter when Jenna radioed the plane to allow Hurley to board. ("Exodus, Part 2") Hunter is candidate #356.
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