"Making Up for Lost Time" is an orchestral piece on the Season 5 soundtrack. It's the season's first released track.

Scene description

In a hotel room, Jack asks Ben the last time he saw Locke. He claims they last met in the Orchid, and we see a clip of their meeting there. Jack then says it was thoughts of those they left behind that convinced him to return to the island, and we see a clip of Sawyer and Juliet staring at the freighter's remains.

We then cut to Ben turning the frozen wheel. The island moves, and we see reactions from Locke, the zodiac and Sawyer and Juliet.


The piece begins with Ben's theme, quickly shifting to Locke's second theme, followed immediately by the time travel motif. It then plays a variation of Ben's theme very similar to that in "Locke of the Island", which later blends with the season's suspense motif. It then plays the mystery theme. It ends on the season's suspense motif.

Title significance

The title references Lost and time. While it plays, those on the island travel through time. Ben and Jack also discuss their experiences since their last meeting.

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