MacCutcheon is the name of a fictional brand of expensive Scotch whisky prominently featured throughout the series.

Off the Island[]

When Desmond met with Charles Widmore to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, Widmore took out two glasses and a bottle of MacCutcheon 60-year whisky, and poured some into one glass while describing the many achievements of Admiral Anderson MacCutcheon. He said the whisky was the Admiral's crowning achievement, and one swallow is worth more than what Desmond would make in a month. He left the other glass empty, claiming Desmond, unlike the Admiral, would never be great, and was therefore unworthy of drinking his whisky or marrying Penelope. Desmond also saw a bottle of the whisky behind the bar in the pub. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")

3x13 TMFT cooper maccutcheon

Anthony Cooper prefers MacCutcheon.

Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, also poured him a glass of this whisky before he threw him out of an eight story window. ("The Man from Tallahassee")

In 2005, Widmore had taken to sleeping with a bottle of MacCutcheon next to his bed. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Before returning to the Island, Sayid drank MacCutcheon in a U.S. bar, where it was said to cost $120 USD a glass. He met Ilana at the bar, who agreed to tell him about herself if he also bought her a glass. ("He's Our You")

On the Island[]

Charlie found a bottle in Sawyer's stash and planned to use it to get Desmond drunk enough to reveal his secrets. Desmond refused to drink until he saw what brand it was. MacCutcheon Scotch whisky had become a symbol to him of his unworthiness in Widmore's eyes, and so the opportunity to obtain and drink it when presented to him by Charlie was irresistible. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")


Charlie finds a bottle of MacCutcheon in Sawyer's stash.

Flash sideways[]

While Jack and his mother searched for Christian's Last Will and Testament, Margo went over to the bar where there was a bottle of MacCutcheon visible. ("Lighthouse")

When Desmond met his boss, Widmore, in his L.A. offices, they enjoyed a couple of glasses of a 60 year old MacCutcheon whisky to celebrate Desmond's indispensability and that nothing was too good for Desmond. ("Happily Ever After")

MacCUTCHEON Scotch Whisky


  • Admiral MacCutcheon is the name of a character in a television remake film of the classic story, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (by Jules Verne). In this remake, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays the character Cabe Attucks.
  • In chess, the "MacCutcheon" is a variation of the French Defense opening [1][2] [3]. Related books include Remember the MacCutcheon by James Eade, as well as numerous New In Chess yearbooks.
  • Outside the US, scotch is sold in 700ml (23.67 fl.oz.) bottles. Assuming Desmond would have made 930 AUD (750 USD) a week working in the administrative department and that "a swallow" was about 1.5 oz, the bottle of 60-year-old would cost more than 63,800 AUD (51,500 USD). Per shot it would cost over 4,040 AUD (3,260 USD).
  • In the US, scotch is sold in 750 ml (25.36 fl.oz.) bottles, and standard shots are 1.5 fl.oz. At $120 a glass, a bottle would cost $2,030. Of course scotch is available in different ages, and a bottle of say 15-year-old, would cost much much less than a bottle of 60-year-old.
  • Currently, the worlds most expensive Scotch is a $75,000 1926 Macallan. According to the link, the bottle in question was sold to a business man in South Korea, which is where the Paik family is from.
  • It should be noted that Scotches with ages above 50 years generally have a price point well in the thousands of dollars per 700-750ml bottle. It could be that characters refer to the Scotch being much more expensive as a means to demean other characters (such as when Widmore is talking to Hume) and that bars also have mark-up that makes the Scotch much more expensive than if you were to buy a bottle (such as when Sayid was in the bar). It's not unheard of to find $200 glasses of Scotch in finer bars and restaurants.
  • In the television show Fringe the season 3 episode "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" William Bell pours a glass of MacCutcheon whisky
  • In the episode "The Shepherd" on the ABC television show Once Upon a Time, Emma pours Mary Margaret a glass of 60-year MacCutcheon. Alan Dale starred in this episode.
  • In the episode "The Apprentice" in season 4 of ABC's Once Upon a Time, Emilie de Ravin's character (Belle) finds Will Scarlet passed out drunk on the floor of the Storybrook library next to an open and near empty bottle of MacCutcheon 60-year Scotch. A bottle is also clearly seen during S4E14 from which David/Prince Charming has been pouring and drinking glasses to try and sleep.

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