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MADtv presented a skit spoofing Lost on February 26, 2005.


Selected highlights


  • The exaggerated portrayals of the characters may illustrate common criticisms of the series; an annoyingly whining Shannon, a self-absorbed Jack, an overtly dramatic Kate, a 'mysteriously mysterious' Locke.
Michael MacDonald as Locke.
LOST Spoof

MadTV Lost Spoof

  • "Locke" possesses uncanny insight and describes each and every of the relationships between the castaways.
  • The sexual tension between Jack and Kate is explored.
  • Attempts to explain Jack's never-growing-never-shaved facial hair by saying that he fashioned a razor out of a twig and a seashell and uses it to shave. But, due to its dullness, he is not able to completely remove the hair, he only keeps it from getting any longer, which is why he has the "same amount of stubble week after week"
  • "Charlie" is referred to as a Hobbit.
  • This 'Episode' includes a flashback.
  • The Polar Bear and the Frenchwoman appear, sort of.
  • The mystery of the island is finally revealed.
  • Sawyer, Boone and Jin are all absent.
  • Jeff Probst of Survivor fame makes an appearance

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