Lynn Johnson
6x13 EMT No.2
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Lynn Johnson
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Lynn Johnson was the paramedic who brought Sun to St. Sebastian Hospital after she had been shot. He told Jin they were going to take good care of her. ("The Last Recruit")


  • He was credited as EMT No. 2
  • His name was seen on his nametag, which also described him as paramedic.
    • Although Lynn is a given name mainly for female, it can also be a male name.
  • Not to be confused with any of four other credited EMTs.
  • Could be the same character as the paramedic from "The Variable", though that character arrived at another hospital and wore another uniform. Both were played by the same actor.
  • An 'emergency medical technician' (EMT) is a health care provider trained to provide pre-hospital emergency medical services.

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