Luna is a location that appears in Bad Twin, a metafictional novel written by Oceanic Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup.


  • Located in a valley at the base of a mountain that is at least "Two hours up the coast" and "a dozen or so miles inland" from LA airport
  • Was believed by some to have "special properties" and "curative powers" which have been attributed to:
    • The local Chumash[1] Indians who "vanished" from the valley some time ago
    • The "mineral-rich waters that mysteriously sprouted from the springs"
  • Is described as being like a "landlocked island embedded in a continent that barely noted its existence"
  • It has been home to various groups including spiritual seekers, philosophical foundations and cults
  • Is home to many foundations including New Eden, Spirit Friends, Noah's Ark, and the Helios Foundation

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