"Love is Stronger Than Death" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays at the end of "Across the Sea".

Scene description

Jacob hurries to a small stream. He washes his hands and face. He catches sight of his brother's lifeless body washed up on the rocks. He runs to him, hugs him and weeps. He carries the body back to his mother's cave. He then goes to their mother's body and collects the senet stones that have fallen from her hand. He holds them both together in his fist before placing them in a small leather bag.

We cut to Jack and Kate standing over the skeletons in the cave in "House of the Rising Sun". Jack finds the bag on the male skeleton, opens it and examines the stones inside it. Jacob closes his mother's eyes and picks her up. He lays her body beside his brother's.

Kate and Jack look over the skeletons and speculate on their origins. Jack reminds Kate of the polar bear Sawyer killed ("Where'd that come from?"). Jacob joins Mother and Brother's hands, kisses the senet bag and tucks it in MIB's free hand.

Locke joins Jack and Kate, and Jack tells him that one of the skeletons is a woman's. Locke dubs them "our very own Adam and Eve." Jacob wishes his brother goodbye and weeps.


The piece is a variation on the Light theme.

Title significance

The title of the piece may be a reference to Song of Songs 8:6, which includes the line "for love is strong as death" (NRSV translation). A biblical reference would be in keeping with the biblical, religious, and spiritual resonance of other titles on the soundtrack. The Song of Songs is also known by other titles such as the Song of Solomon, or the Canticle of Canticles.

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