(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies) is the biggest fansite in Spain, where the series is known as PERDIDOS (LOST). The Spanish version is shown in FOX (paid TV) and in TVE1 (open signal). The dubbed version is different from the one shown in Mexico, though.

The website takes its name from the fan nickname for The Monster.


  • Spoilers: This section discusses and translates spoilers given in
  • Episodios: Episodes are reviewed. This is one of the most visited sections, as subtitles in format .srt are available. They are suposed to be used alongside the episodes available in BitTorrent. (It is a common practice for fans of the series outside USA to download the episodes, as local programming is behind several months). The subtitles can be used in viewers such as BSPlayer and VIDEOLAN (VLC). Episodes are not available from this site.
  • Multimedia: This section offers downloadable videos, sounds, wallpapers, screensavers, Livejournal icons and caricatures drawn by local lostaway angelgaby.
  • Cast: This section offers a little bio on the characters, as well as the spanish dubbing cast.
  • Foro: This is the forum where Spanish fans discuss and share ideas and theories.
  • Varios: This section offers funny facts, humor, interviews with the cast (translated from other sites), games and quotes.
  • Fanfic: A small collection of fanfiction. They are mostly het. They are originally written in spanish.
  • Links: An extensive collection of links, mostly in english, but also in spanish, french and italian.

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