Blue check.gif This page is a style guide for Lostpedia. The consensus of many editors formed the conventions described here. Lostpedia articles should heed these guidelines. Feel free to update this page as needed, but please use the discussion page to propose major changes.

The function of this page

What this page is intended for

  • Lostpedia:Talk is used to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of Lostpedia.
    • This page was created to disambiguate discussion about all of Lostpedia from that specifically concerning the Main Page, the previous home for what is discussed here.
    • Proposals for new policies should be posted here, for the entire community to discuss.
    • Proposing new tabs, page structure modifications and other new ideas that can be applied to all of Lostpedia, should be posted here for discussion.
    • General problems that affect Lostpedia (e.g. vandalism) that are discovered by any member of the community may be reported on this page to notify administrators, if still unsolved after some time.

What this page is not intended for

  • Lostpedia: Talk is not to discuss issues involving individual pages. Such content should be posted on the talk page associated with the article.


Established policies

  • Manual of Style (talk) This describes what belongs in Lostpedia, and how it should be phrased, points of grammar, punctuation, orthography, citation conventions, etc.
  • Theory policy (talk) This is the theory policy, which institutionalizes a strict policy with theories by utilizing the theory tab.
  • Spoiler policy (talk) This explains how spoilers should not be put up on Lostpedia until the episode in question has aired.
  • Canon (Talk) This attempts to outline what is "real" in the Lost universe, by separating canon from non-canon.
  • Use of Images Lostpedia takes copyright seriously, and this is a guide about which templates to use when uploading a picture.

Policies in process

  • These policies have not been implemented, and need to be revised until they are accepted as official Lostpedia standards.
  • Talk (this page)
  • User talkThis article explains how user talk should and shouldn't be used.

Technical Issues

There are no current technical issues. If you discover one, and confirm that it is the site's technical issue, add it here.


  • Sandbox (Talk) This is the sandbox, where users can test out templates and other things that they have made.