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Season 4 Writing Contest

LOSTpedia Season 4 Writing Contest

The Lostpedia Season 4 Writing Contest was an ongoing contest started by the Lostpedia forum on August, 13th, 2007. It was developed in light of the LOST hiatus between Season 3, which ended on May 23, 2007, and Season 4, which premieres on January 31, 2008. The purpose is to have Lost fans participate in writing a fan-fiction version of what they want and/or expect from the fourth season. The fan version of Season 4 -- when completed -- will have covered a total of eleven episodes prior to the premiere of the real Season 4.

Choosing a Winner

The voting process contains its own set of checks-and-balances. A script must receive a majority number of the votes in order to be declared a winner for a particular episode. One vote is assigned to the script with the popular vote -- decided in a poll on the forum -- and another for each moderator who chooses their favorite script. The presiding moderators for the contest are Mr. Leaf, Marik7772003, mac_ad, and CurbFan (who resigned as a judge mid-way into the contest). The moderator votes carry more weight than those of people voting in the polls to assure that there is more "responsibility" in choosing a rightful winner, and to discourage cheating. Starting with episode 7 of the contest and author of the winning script was offered the position of temporary judge for the next episode with his/her vote carrying just as much weight as that of the moderators/judges.

Instructions For Each Episode

1. Write a 5-15 page episode script with short summary and submit the script.

2. Submit your script by the correct deadline for the episode.

3. Vote for your favorite scripts once they have all been posted.

4. Voting will begin for the next episodes flashback character once the deadline has passed for previous episode submissions.


  • All scripts should include a short paragraph summary of the episode to ease readers in understanding.
  • Initial scripts should be roughly 5-15 pages in length.
  • An exception was made for the finale which had to be 10-23 pages.
  • Each script should include brief stage directions to make sure the reader understands where each scene is taking place.
  • Scripts must be submitted by the deadline each week, late scripts will not be allowed.
  • You must use the flashback character chosen by the community except during specially marked episodes (premiere and finale).
  • Keep them clean(ish). There are young users of these forums, swear words should not be excessively used (except where characters would normally do so) and parts regarding sex or sexual activities should not be explained in depth. The Mods will read all scripts before posting and scripts not meeting these qualities will not be entered or users will be notified and asked to clean them up.
  • Please do not disclose your identity to others if you wrote a script. This is not a popularity contest, but the best scriptwriting contest.


  • The writing period throughout the contest has been 10 days for the majority of the episodes.
  • The voting period which was originally 4 days was expanded to do a large number of entries and also became a steady 10 or 11 days (making 1 round of writing & voting, last 3 weeks).
  • Summaries were originally intended to give an overview of the whole script however the rules were amended to allow some authors to write summaries more like short 1 sentence previews.
  • There was originally not official cut off for script lengths however due to long scripts it was quickly instituted at 15 pages max with 1 exception (see above). Rules were also instituted with regards to font sizes and formats used to prevent excessively long scripts.


Main Cast (in order of episode count)

Special Guest Stars

Recurring Characters

Contest Only Characters

  • Captain (Man At Wheel) -Arrives on Island in Flashback, Possible DHARMA member later revealed to be Jacob's true form.
  • Burly Stranger- Member of Frieghter, Deceased (Murdered by Desmond)
  • Bethany Alpert- Richard's wife, seen in flashbacks.
  • Daniel- member of the Others, former witness.
  • Zhraa- An orphaned girl from Basra, Deceased.
  • Achmed- Member of the Republican guard.
  • Bryon McMullan- Claire's adoptive father.
  • Melissa McMullan- Claire's adoptive mother.
  • Jimmy- Sawyer's former partner, involved in Tampa Job.
  • Thomas- Ben's associate. Possibly Deceased
  • Kim-Male, Possible freighter member, connected Charles Widmore to Minkowski
  • Clementine Phillips -Sawyer's Daughter,
  • Enzo Valenzetti- DHARMA Reasearcher
  • Captain Strudenov -Captain in Soviet Army.
  • Jessica - Clementine's nanny
  • Father Peter-Catholic Priest boards the deck, Also Carrie's Father
  • Caroline (Carrie) -Deceased, Daughter of Father Peter
  • FBI Agent Ann Hatcher - Member of the FBI
  • FBI Agent Jason Boyd - Member of the FBI
  • Samantha- Possible daughter of Kate & Sawyer
  • Armed Freighter Member #01 - Member of freighter captured Hurley
  • Armed Freighter Member #02 - Member of freighter assisted in capturing Hurley
  • Soldier #01 - DHARMA/Freighter Soldiers
  • Soldier #02 - DHARMA/Freighter Soldiers
  • Deklamsh- Island Native
  • Young Man Arrives on Island in Flashback, Possible DHARMA member
  • Other Man - Arrives on Island in Flashback, Possible DHARMA member
  • Unknown Man-Is heard celebrating in discussion with Charles Widmore and Dr. Marvin Candle, Freighter Member
  • Nurse - From the hosptial, checks on Father Peter
  • Lawyer- Legal Witness to the McMullan's adoption of Claire.
  • Technician #01-A technician in the republican guard
  • Technician #02-A technician in the republican guard
  • Technician #03-A technician in the republican guard
  • Surgeon -A surgeon, appeared in flashback.
  • Large Man - A villain seen on an episode of Expose

Season Summary

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