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Major Projects[]

Crew member Projects[]

Here are the crew members who do not yet have articles. Feel free to add names to it or cross them out (or remove them) when or if someone else has made an article for them. A nice addition to any names you add would be which episode they are credited in for reference of other editors (not a complete list of episodes, just one). Cross out or remove any links that are not red.This list could also be found on the Crew category's talk page.

  • Jay Wejebe - Key Makeup Artist, Unknown eps
  • Veronica Lorenz - Additional Makeup Artist, Unknown eps
  • Laurel Kelly - Hair stylist, unknown eps
  • Heather Anderson - second second assistant director, unknown eps
  • Chris Zapara - Digital Artist, unknown eps
  • Nickolas Stevens - Digital Artist, 2 season 4 eps (unknown eps)
  • Travis Wade Ivy - compositor, 2 Season 4 eps (unknown eps)
  • Gabriel Cassata - Visual Effects Artist, 2 Season 4 eps (unknown eps)
  • Ben Campanaro - digital compositor: Eden FX, 2 Season 4 eps (unknown eps)
  • Chad Schott, - digital compositor, 2 eps (unknown eps)
  • Marie Victoria Denoga - digital compositor, 2 unknown eps
  • Rick Ramirez - Visual effects: Eden RX, 2 Season 4 eps
  • Stéphane Paradis - compositor, 2 unknown eps
  • David R. Morton - Digital Artist, 2 unknown eps
  • Simon Marinof - Lead Compositor, unknown eps
  • Armen V. Kevorkian - Visual Effects Coordinator, unknown eps

Unidentified songs Projects[]

  • Identify songs in the Unidentified Song list, below. This is a task list for any interested editors.
  1. "House of the Rising Sun" (s01e06) - Classical music played at the restaurant (Sun's first flashback) where Jin is a waiter. (time in episode 0:03:21)
  2. "The Moth" (s01e07) - HipHop music played backstage after the Driveshaft concert. (time in episode 0:16:00)
  3. "The Moth" (s01e07) - Some music played backstage before the Driveshaft concert. (time in episode 0:25:50)
  4. "Confidence Man" (s01e08) - Country music played at the bar when Saywer plays pool. (time in episode 0:25:40)
  5. "Special" (s01e14) - Muzak played in the warehouse when Michael and Susan buys a cradle. (time in episode 0:02:07)
  6. "Homecoming" (s01e15) - Music played in the bar that Charlie and Tommy visit when Charlie hooked up with Lucy. (time in episode 0:06:55)
  7. "Homecoming" (s01e15) - Music played in the bar that Charlie and Tommy visit when they discuss Charlie's new job. (time in episode 0:18:34)
  8. "Numbers" (s01e18) - Song played on tv when Hurley wins the lottery. (time in episode 0:02:35)
  9. "Numbers" (s01e18) - The Song that is Playing while Hugo and Carmen are driving in the Hummer. (time in episode 0:10:05)
  10. "Do No Harm" (s01e20) - Melody played on the piano by Jack before he and Sarah plays "Heart and soul" together. (time in episode 0:14:12)
  11. "Born to Run" (s01e22) - Played on guitar by Charlie, probably not a real song. (time in episode 0:02:41)
  12. "Born to Run" (s01e22) - Played on guitar by Charlie, probably not a real song. (time in episode 0:20:30)
  13. "Exodus, Part 1" (s01e23) - On tv when Walt is watching. (time in episode 0:01:17)
  14. "Orientation" (s02e03) - Piano music in the restaurant that Locke and Helen visit to celebrate their six-month anniversary. (time in episode 0:20:45)
  15. "Everybody Hates Hugo" (s02e04) - The Song that is playing in the record store when Hugo and Johnny visit Starla. (time in episode 0:23:30)
  16. "Everybody Hates Hugo" (s02e04) - The Song that Hugo listened to in the headphones in the record store. (time in episode 0:24:15)
  17. "...And Found" (s02e05) - Music on the radio in Yin's and Tai's apartment. (time in episode 0:03:00)
  18. "...And Found" (s02e05) - Music on the radio in Yin's and Tai's apartment. (time in episode 0:03:47)
  19. "...And Found" (s02e05) - Classical music played at the restaurant where Sun meets here dat. (time in episode 0:18:18)
  20. "...And Found" (s02e05) - Piano (classical) music played at the restaurant where Sun meets her date. (time in episode 0:24:47 + 0:25:50)
  21. "What Kate Did" (s02e09) - The Country Song that is playing on Wayne's Radio when he pulled up to the house. (time in episode 0:02:47)
  22. "The Long Con" (s02e13) - The Country Song that is playing in the Diner that Sawyer and Gordy meet at for lunch. (time in episode 0:25:40)
  23. "Maternity Leave" (s02e15) - The songs that play in the background of the medical room (first time) when Ethan is with Claire. (time in episode 0:10:16)
  24. "Maternity Leave" (s02e15) - The songs that play in the background of the medical room (second time) when Ethan is with Claire. (time in episode 0:15:40)
  25. "The Whole Truth" (s02e16) - The song that is playing in Jin and Sun's bedroom at the beginning of the episode. (time in episode 0:00:30)
  26. "Lockdown" (s02e17) - The song that plays while Cooper and Locke are at the bar. (time in episode 0:14:21)
  27. "S.O.S." (s02e19) - Song when Locke is sitting in front of the Swan computer trying to draw the map and then he wants to talk to Henry, but Ana-Lucia says the door stays closed. (time in episode 0:16:06)
  28. "Live Together, Die Alone" (s02e23) - Played on guitar by Charlie, probably not a real song. (time in episode 0:37:40)
  29. "The Glass Ballerina" (s03e02) - Played on piano by Sun when she was a child. (time in episode 0:00:45)
  30. "Flashes Before Your Eyes" (s03e08) - Hurley, Charlie and Desmond singing on the beach (“the farmer's daughter song”?). (time in episode 0:08:40)
  31. "Flashes Before Your Eyes" (s03e08) - Charlie and Desmond singing on the beach ("... girls with one leg and a heart of gold"?). (time in episode 0:09:05)
  32. "Flashes Before Your Eyes" (s03e08) - Music playing at the bar that Desmond and Donovan visit). (time in episode 0:21:01)
  33. "Flashes Before Your Eyes" (s03e08) - playing at the bar that Desmond visit (the same bar as erlier). (time in episode 0:35:17)
  34. "Stranger In A Strange Land" (s03e09) - Music playing at Acharas brothers restaurant that she and Jack visits. (time in episode 0:12:03)
  35. "Stranger In A Strange Land" (s03e09) - Music playing at a bar on the street when Jack is following Achara. (time in episode 0:28:12)
  36. "Enter 77" (s03e11) - Music playing on the radio when Sayid is working as a chef. (time in episode 0:07:39)
  37. "Enter 77" (s03e11) - Music playing at Sami’s restaurant when Sayid is visiting there. (time in episode 0:14:43)
  38. "Par Avion" (s03e12) - Music playing at Claire’s piercing studio. (time in episode 0:28:36)
  39. "Exposé" (s03e14) - Music playing at Nikki and Harwards dinner when Paulo is the chef. (time in episode 0:04:10)
  40. "Left Behind" (s03e15) - Song in Keith's Diner when Cassidy orders a meal from Kate's mother Diane. (time in episode 0:27:15)
  41. "Greatest Hits" (s03e21) - Song playing on the radio in the Driveshaft van, before they play the Driveshaft song. (time in episode 0:04:24)
  42. "Through The Looking Glass" (s03e22) - Charlie is singing. (time in episode 0:31:27)
  43. "The Economist" (s04e03) - Jazz music played in Sayid's hotel room when Elsa come to pick him up before the opera. (time in episode 0:15:38)
  44. "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" (s04e12) - Steel guitar music played on Hurley's birthday party (time in episode 0:24:31)

Note: Some of these songs may be duplicates of ones we have ID'd. The one from The Whole Truth may be our voi cha chapete

There's also a great possibility that some of the songs are created specifically for Lost, and is not a commercial song.

Other Projects[]

  • Find and add cross references, which look like {{crossref|#x##}} to unreferenced items on the Religion and ideologies article (change cross-references in mid prose into small footnotes at the end of paragraphs).
  • If anyone knows where the following birth year is known from (which episode they are referenced in directly, or backdated from a reference to how old the character is), please add as a crossref to article: Timeline:pre-crash
  • Charlie Pace - 1976
  • Update all Infobox templates to use new format that uses parser functions. See Template:Infobox Guest star for an example of the new format. Please contact    Jabberwock    talk    contribs    email   - if you have any questions.
  • Remove galleries from the bottom of pages to comply with fair use guidelines. When you remove the gallery, place {{Galleryfairuse}} in the place where the gallery was, and attempt to slot the pics in the article, where appropriate. Note that this is not necessary for image galleries relating to internet released materials (i.e. many Lost Experience galleries are allowed).
  • Periodically go through the 200+ actors and actresses in the Category:Guest_stars and make sure the new ones are categorized by last name (add [[Category:Guest star|Lastname, Firstname]] to the bottom).
  • Wherever you see an episode wikified like a regular link (i.e. "[[Do No Harm]]" ), replace it with the new episode template tags (i.e. {{ep|1x20}} ). (The GOSH Console is useful for this type of cleanup work.)
  • Change present to past tenses in all non-episode articles when describing events that have happened in the show. To describe a living character, you'd say, "Jack is a doctor", rather than "Jack was a doctor". In a description of past events in articles other than episode articles, you'd say, "Jack tried to save Boone", rather than "Jack tries to save Boone". See Lostpedia:Manual of Style and Lostpedia:Episode Manual of Style for more on appropriate use of tense in Lostpedia.
  • Go through Season 1 and early Season 2 episodes and fill in some of the missing easter eggs for "Cultural references" and "Themes" trivia (using the examples from recent episodes such as "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"). Do not add speculative connections to the main article.
  • Airdates - Update Lost airdates, see Talk:Airdates#JOB_LIST_FOR_THIS_PAGE for specific areas that need researching
  • Add proper licensing information for these unclassified images.
  • Go to CGI List and add examples of CGI in Lost.
  • Check Lostpedia:Image Job List to help the ongoing hiatus project of sorting all the images on Lostpedia. Contact Mr.Leaf for details.
  • If there is a way to track down the various winners of the Lost auction, it would be nice to get high resolution photographs and/or scans of the props. In particular, it would be great to have better scans of all the maps, especially the one with the so far non decipherable Temple logo.

Ongoing Projects[]

Minor Projects[]