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One of the factors that contribute to make Lostpedia the most popular Lost fan site on the web is our ability to maintain a healthy and fun environment. Unlike most databases, we have included parodies as part of our regular content.

Lostpedia is not a place for original content creation, and we only accept parody listings to popular, well known and funny entries that are popular on the web. The Parody category may give you a better idea of the kind of content we accept and where you may place it. Original content will be marked and moved accordingly.

Some locations we accept parody descriptive content and where allowed to by the license, videos from include.

  • YouTube (see YouTube_videos/Fan-made_parody)
  • Broadcast television shows, both cable and network.
  • Popular parodies as featured on other large Lost fansites

All parodies on the site must be marked with the {{Template:Parody}} template.

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This article's subject matter is parodical and non-canon in nature (but distinct from hoax and serious fanon material)
This material is generally fan-created, but occasionally from official or commercial sources.