Blue check.gif This page is an official policy on Lostpedia. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

No possession of edits is a rule most sites running the wiki software encourage amongst their editors. Lostpedia is no different, suggesting that all users show restraint and objectivity in all their work on the site.

What does the term mean?

An editor holding possession over their edits believes that an addition is their personal hard work, and that anyone editing what they have done may be disparaging their work. For instance, an editor who adds a theory, which is later removed, should consider why it was removed, rather than see the revert as a personal act against their character. The same applies to an article created, but later nominated for deletion, which should not be seen as a personal insult.

When a user holds possession over their edits, they often show much bias, and can sometimes resort to an accusatory tone, demanding to know why their changes were reverted or altered.

Is it always wrong to take pride in my work?

Of course it is no crime to be satisfied with hard work, but anyone using a wiki should appreciate where to draw the line and, as Christian Shephard would say, "let it go". There comes a point where an editor needs to accept that not everything they do will stay, and that other users might rewrite whats been done for eloquence or propriety. Articles should be considered before the user - the point is to make the page the best it can be. While hard work is noted, the main concern should always be passion for encyclopaedic excellence rather than personal accomplishment.

Contesting changes properly

If you truly feel a change to your work is not in the best interests of an article, avoid an edit war by simply discussing it on a talk page, or messaging the user who changed your content. Always remember to abide by Lostpedia rules and not take changes as a personal insult - no single user is the best writer, designer, etc - the very essence of wiki is to work upon the foundations of others. If you can't agree, ask for a third opinion, or address a SysOp. There are numerous ways we can aid each other in discussions, but we do so at a distance, setting aside our own personal feelings about our own edits and looking at what is the best for the encyclopedia.