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Navigation templates are used on Lostpedia to navigate easily around the site, allowing you to find objects of interest that are connected to the content on the page, this policy is designed to outline when those navigation items are or are not appropriate.


Navigations should be created only on nomination. For one to be created:

  • Nominate your wish, on *PAGEGOESHERE*
  • Other users will then discuss your nomination and a SysOp will decide on its inclusion via consensus.


Character Templates

For a group of characters, be it affiliation of intentions or relationships, they should share a template. For example. When the Others were first introduced, all of them would share a template. When characters are introduced in flashes they are included in the character template for that primary character. Once certain characters from groups become prominent, by having flashes of their own, becoming a leader or major character within that group or appearing multiple times in other characters than their own, or families, and flashes, they should then be considered for their own navigation template.