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At Lostpedia, we thrive due to our community spirit and peer editing, so much so that we have arguably become one of the most successful Lost websites on the net. In order to ever perfect the site, we use templates such as {{rewrite}} or {{cleanup}}. However, it is difficult to keep track of all of these functions, and so this page is an attempt to clarify the topics, and act as a portal for users to then check each area and contribute.

Below is a list of jobs which anyone is invited to get involved in. Thank you for all your hardwork at Lostpedia, and we hope this page will continue to raise the bar on our standard.

This page lists general jobs that will always be ongoing at Lostpedia. For specific tasks involving editing particular articles, see our Active Projects page.


Rewrite Logo
A number of character pages currently need rewriting. The hope is that an eloquent writer can turn all the bullet points into legible and chronological prose. For a model example, see the newly designed Jack article. Go to Category:Rewrite and show off your literary prowess!
Cleanup Logo
The following articles are very overwritten and contradictory. They require a user with exceptional ability to reformat and reword paragraphs, but also with the perfect balance and skill to appreciate that some details are irrelevant or too minute. It is recommended that a user who understands Lostpedia's style well should get involved in this task. See Category:Cleanup and get those editing skills ready!
Update Logo
Some articles of Lostpedia are outdated, and need to be updated to include new information. You can help by updating all or parts of the article in order to bring it up to date. Go to Category:Update to see a list of articles that need to be updated.
Delete Logo
Some articles on Lostpedia do not fit certain criteria or are not related to the overall Lost mythos. These articles may be nominated at Category:Delete. You can vote "Agree" to delete the article or "Disagree". You can also put a {delete} tag on articles you think should be deleted.
Merge Logo
Some articles on Lostpedia share a very close resemblance to other articles so they can be considered to be merged. See Category:Merge to voice your opinion on proposed merges. You can put a {merge} tag on articles you think should be merged.
Stub Logo
Stubs will always be a job, as Lostpedia currently has hundreds of articles that can be expanded. Someone with patience and a sound knowledge of the show is required, and also anyone willing to do a little outside research into, for instance, guest actors. See Category:Stubs for a list of pages that need some attention.
Needed Pictures
These articles are in need of an image or two adding. See Category:PictureNeeded for a list of pages that need better presentation. Someone with good screencapture skills, and the drive to seek out that perfect image would be great for this job.
Images To Be Replaced
These images need to be recaptured because they are either from other sources than Lostpedia, or are of a too low resolution. See Category:Images To Be Replaced for a list of images that need to be recaptured. Someone with good screencapture skills would be great for this job.
Discussion Logo
Sometimes, users want to make major changes to articles or to Lostpedia in general that could have great effects. As a result, the discussion template is added as a flag to other users that feedback on a proposal is required. You can add your opinions by visiting Category:Discussion for a list of highlighted articles.
Do you have an idea that will help make Lostpedia better? Then nominate your idea at Lostpedia:Ideas where other users can vote either Yes or No for your idea. You can also vote Yes or No for other proposed ideas. Go to Lostpedia:Ideas to propose your own idea or vote on other ideas.
Article of the Week
Some articles of Lostpedia are stellar and they stand out from other articles. If you want to nominate an article to be featured for Article of the Week (AOTW), then go to Lostpedia:Featured article selection where you can vote Yes or No for current nominees or nominate a new article.
There are many projects that need to be completed on Lostpedia. These projects may be ongoing, major, or minor. Some projects are long-term while others are simple and short. Any contributions you can make to any of the projects would be very helpful to Lostpedia. Go to Lostpedia:Projects to view a range of projects that need to be completed.
Lost is full of memorable quotes from all the characters on the show. You can search through various transcripts to find a quote for Quote of the Day (QOTD) on the main page. If you find a good quote that you think should be QOTD, go to Lostpedia:QOTD submissions to suggest a quote for the main page template.

More Jobs


Go to Lostpedia:Projects to see a list of major and minor projects for Lostpedia.