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Below are previously denied requests of 2007 ideas from Lostpedia:Ideas.

How about a page listing Characters who have killed their fathers?

  • Sure, at the moment it is a short list, but the series is young. At the moment, it would be Locke, Ben and Kate. Maybe Jin, as he has metaphorically killed his father. Whaddyathink?


  • Nominated by: --Connor401 11:20, 26 August 2007 (PDT)
  • I think it is a good idea to have in the external links section of each episode a link to the trailer/previews on You Tube.
    • Yes: Sign your name here
      • Yes - I always look for them anyway --random2502 11:10, 6 September 2007 (PDT)
      • Yes - I love trailers and teasers. They should be available.--Mc peko 03:06, 30 December 2007 (PST)
    • No: Sign your name here
    • No - For copyright reasons. We can link to the preview on ABC.com (not sure if we already do) but linking to Youtube has some legal implications that are very on the edge of being allowed and not. Also the fact is that we don't consider content of trailers/previews official. They are spoilers, as there is not enough seen in most cases to definitely know what's going on, and everything we see is quick and it would just be guess work as to how it applies. Therefore linking to the previews before the eps air is definitely a no go. As for after, first off, although i don't think it is necesary i have no problem linking to the ABC.com preview if available, but no youtube. -Mr.Leaf 11:06, 30 November 2007 (PST)
    • No -I agree with the copyright issue, we shouldn't link to youtube. The "Yesser" states that he 'looks for them anyway' so just do that. But most LOSTers that are reading this have seen the episodes so a quick-read of the article will refresh their memory's without dealing with copyright issues. Longlivetd 19:10, 18 December 2007 (PST)
    • No. I think now it's a violation of copyright and spoiler policies.--     c      blacxthornE      t     06:09, 6 June 2008 (PDT)
    • No: Agree with above arguments. --Nickb123 (Talk) 04:31, 20 June 2008 (PDT)

Episode Reception

  • Nominated by: Mr. Crabby (Talk) 10:56, 29 July 2007 (PDT)
  • The idea I had was that in episode articles we could have a section about what critics thought of the episode before/after/in the trivia section. Much like our Criticism of Lost article, this would remain completely neutral, only quote critics, and provide external links for every statement. This way we could talk about how S.O.S. was generally unpopular, or how Live Together, Die Alone was one of the most popular Lost episodes ever. For an example of how this could be done, see this Wikipedia article about a Simpson's episode. It contains both good and bad reviews about the episode, but would be a great resource for people who want to know everything about the episode. --Mr. Crabby (Talk) 10:56, 29 July 2007 (PDT)
  • Yes Sign your name here.
    • Good idea, as long as we only quote critics and ratings, and not the Lostpedia community (e.g. forum threads, weekly polls) --Blueeagleislander 01:50, 30 July 2007 (PDT)
    • Yeh definitely. I think it would be a great idea for the reader of the article to find out how the audience accepted it rather than just knowing the plot. DrGiggles 03:25, 30 July 2007 (PDT)
    • Yeah its a cool and more encylopedic feature. But i dont see why you couldnt indlude the infomation from the weekly polls. --   Dee4leeds  talk  contribs  all  04:55, 30 July 2007 (PDT)
Thanks for the support, in case anyone is wondering how it would look, I whipped up an example here. Feel free to rearrenge the reception part to see how it would look like in different places. --Mr. Crabby (Talk) 08:57, 30 July 2007 (PDT)
Seems perfect to me. --   Dee4leeds  talk  contribs  all  09:05, 30 July 2007 (PDT)
But there's another issue, where should the episode reception section be placed in the article? I think between the synopsis and the trivia sections, Blue Eagle Islander seems to think below the trivia section, what does everyone else think and why? --Mr. Crabby (Talk) 18:59, 2 August 2007 (PDT)
  • I like this idea and could go with it as long as it stays critics only and not just what each user thinks, etc, etc. The usual but as to where to place it and what to write is something we need to agree upon. As many of our episode articles are already quite large I am edging towards making a seperate article for the episode reception. On which we could write all that and have sections on the main article page just with a link to the reception page. Although if people want otherwise that is fine by me, i'm just suggesting alternate ideas. -Mr.Leaf 17:55, 5 August 2007 (PDT)
  • Personally, I think it would be better to have a section on each episode article, although I could go for just one article with reception from all the episodes. Or Both. I really can see it both ways. --Mr. Crabby (Talk) 17:57, 5 August 2007 (PDT)
  • Is it okay if I implament the reception sections on episodes now, and then later if its decided, we can make it into a seperate article? --Mr. Crabby (Talk) 07:19, 6 August 2007 (PDT)
  • Excellent idea. It's wortwhile in episode-articles as well in the season-articles. I do hope you can find enough data on the older episodes, though. --Hunter61 10:05, 11 November 2007 (PST)
  • No Sign your name here.
    • No - I don't think we can do this impartially since it's based on opinion and not fact. The best you could do is document what the official ratings for the episode were. For unscientific opinions, we have the forums, blog, and polls.    Jabberwock    talk    contribs    email   - 15:20, 17 August 2007 (PDT)
      • Yes As a counter agrument, one could state that if the majority of reveiws were negitive, THAT INFORMATION MAKES IT FACT. For example, if the majority of witnesses to a murder state that the killer was left handed, the official report will state that the murderer was left handed. So if 3 our of 5 select critics say an episode was good, that can go on in the reception secion. -- Iron Man  Send a message  View contributions  17:17, 11 October 2007 (PDT)
      • No per Jabr. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 09:11, 14 April 2008 (PDT)
      • No. The thing is there are many critics out there, and it would be hard to safely say that "this is fair and it's the one we're gonna refer to". On the other hand, if we included more than one critic, then it would be unfair because it would be very arbitrary to decide which ones to include and how many. Finally, if we were careful enough to make sure we have both sides of opinions balanced, then there would really be no point to it at all. I think every user criticising the show on their own userpage is enough for now.--     c      blacxthornE      t     06:08, 6 June 2008 (PDT)
  • This discussion has no consensus and so goes under denied. Sorry. --Nickb123 (Talk) 04:32, 20 June 2008 (PDT)

Remove Adverts in Pages

There are other ways to make money to keep this domain up then spoiling our beloved Wiki with these god-awful green links. Perhaps small adverts tacked onto users signatures at the forums, or maybe a few more banners to the side of long articles. Commercialism is everywhere, we can't change that, but please, please lets try to soften the blow. -- Iron Man  Send a message  View contributions  10:19, 18 December 2007 (PST)

  • See the talk page on the main page for ideas on how to get rid of the ads. However if you are really interested in getting rid of them, email admin. He is the only one who has control over ads on the wiki or anything like that. -Mr.Leaf 11:43, 18 December 2007 (PST)
This is a denied request. If you don't like the ads, you can filter them. --Nickb123 (Talk) 04:37, 20 June 2008 (PDT)

Redirect Analysis

  • Nominated by: --Lewis-Talk-Contribs 14:19, 10 October 2007 (PDT)
  • I don't know whether this is possible but i thought id just put the idea out there. Basically I was wondering if there was any way for you to keep track of what people search on lostpedia and going through the searches that dont match with any current page. Doing this would be able to either give ideas for new pages, or give people the knowledge of searches that should become redirects.===Redirect Analysis===
  • Nominated by: --Lewis-Talk-Contribs 14:19, 10 October 2007 (PDT)
  • I don't know whether this is possible but i thought id just put the idea out there. Basically I was wondering if there was any way for you to keep track of what people search on lostpedia and going through the searches that dont match with any current page. Doing this would be able to either give ideas for new pages, or give people the knowledge of searches that should become redirects.
  • Yes: Sign your name here.
  • While I agree it is a good idea it is something that would have to be done behind the scenes by admin and sysops. And i am to be honest not sure how easily it would be to do this. The technical side of the wiki is quite complex and im not sure if there is any way to easily see searches that did not return pages, how often they occur, etc. It's a good idea and something we might look into. -Mr.Leaf 11:06, 30 November 2007 (PST)
  • Search stats is a good tool.--Mc peko 03:13, 30 December 2007 (PST)
  • This sounds quite good. I'll ask Jabrwocky if he knows of any extension that can do this. --Nickb123 (Talk) 04:34, 20 June 2008 (PDT)
  • Update on this: it'll be very difficult to do as there doesn't seem to be anything like it on other wikis. Check out mediawiki for any possible extensions but it seems doubtful this can be fulfilled as the software isn't easy to do. --Nickb123 (Talk) 17:42, 2 July 2008(PDT)

Spoken Articles

  • Nominated by: random2502 06:20, 28 November 2007 (PST)
  • Just wondering if Lostpedia's considering adding spoken word articles like how Wikipedia is? I understand that there'd be certain pages (transcripts, etc) and certain parts of articles (large chunks of quotes, etc) which could not be done like this for copyright reasons, but I think it would be pretty cool if we could still have some spoken word articles. I for one would be willing to make some, having made some for Wikipedia.
    • Yes Sign your name here.
      • Great, one more way to advance the wiki as a respected fan site. --Blueeagleislander 17:29, 28 November 2007 (PST)
      • Yes, I'd be very interested in helping! --Mr. Crabby (Talk) 19:33, 29 November 2007 (PST)
      • Yes. Great idea!-- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  20:11, 28 February 2008 (PST)
      • Yes, I love it! --   Dee4leeds  talk  contribs  all  09:04, 14 May 2008 (PDT)
      • Yes, in the future. I think with so many edits on so many pages per day, it's best to wait till the series end, and we have consensus about which pages are ready to be a spoken article. Preferably we could start with featured articles. Alternatively, we could update spoken articles in-between seasons, where there would again be much less edits to the pages.--     c      blacxthornE      t     06:20, 6 June 2008 (PDT)
    • No Sign your name here.
I think to be realistic, Lostpedia is continually updated, as each week new info is made available from episodes, it seems impractical to do audios now or even consider them until after 2010! --Nickb123 (Talk) 04:36, 20 June 2008 (PDT)
Note: placing this in rejected until a later date (keeping the Ideas list tidy). --Nickb123 (Talk) 08:53, 23 July 2008 (PDT)