The Lostpedia Forum (link) is an extension of the Lostpedia wiki site, allowing editors, visitors and fans to interact and discuss topics. These topics can range from a recent Lost episode, a theory one might have, trivia, or off-topic suggestions and discussions relating to Lostpedia or otherwise.

The purpose of the forum is for positive chat within the benefits of the vBulletin software, allowing features such as polls and a threaded board, and a more relaxed, open environment than simply on the Lostpedia wiki's discussion pages.


The Lostpedia forum was established in July 2006, in response to the exponential growth experienced by the Lostpedia wiki site in less than a year of being active. It was divided into subforums to help organise threads, and later expanded to include forum pages for international users, due to its popularity.

Now a thriving sister project to the Lostpedia wiki in its own right, the Lostpedia forum is ever expanding with more and more users appreciating the high level of analysis that naturally accompanies anything under the Lostpedia domain.

As of May 19, 2009, there were 31,703 registered users.


The Lostpedia forum houses its own set of rules about conduct and subject matter, but does adhere to general Lostpedia rules such as "no personal attacks". Posters are of course expected to behave with the highest calibre, and follow with respect the rules of the forum and the Lostpedia site which governs it. A list of some of the forum's specific codes of conduct can be found under the hints and tips thread.

The Lostpedia forum, as well as having SysOps from the Lostpedia wiki, also has currently moderators who work specifically on the forum to deal with issues. Their names should you wish to contact them are listed on the above link to the hints and tips thread.

If you find a thread or post offensive or inappropriate, you should login and click above the post, the icon marked with an exclamation point. Clicking this will alert a forum moderator to the selected post.