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Week 52, 2006

Desmond Lockdown

Desmond Hume made his shock first appearance at the beginning of Season 2 when Locke, Kate and Jack headed down the hatch door into the unknown. Since then, he has joined the group as a key player with unrivalled knowledge about the Swan and DHARMA Initiative, thanks to his connections with them. With his seemingly newfound abilities of premonition, Desmond is fast becoming the center of a story on Lost that could completely change realist and supernatural theories alike (Read More...)

Week 51, 2006


Like any small society, the survivors of Flight 815 must tackle the problem of how to fairly allocate and distribute limited resources among their group, by exploring various forms of Economics. Learn how the conflicting motives, personal philosophies and leadership styles of Jack, Sawyer and Locke may symbolize the three primary governmental schools of thought in this fledgling community. (Read More...)

Week 50, 2006


Locke stares at the Blast door map, a huge hand-drawn diagram of the positions of DHARMA Initiative stations on the island. According to Kelvin Inman, it was started by a man named Radzinsky, and illustrates at least two types of notations. First are printed notes in English, which are very factual and seem informed, whilst second is Latin in a cursive hand, more observational and speculative, even philosophical. The article devoted to this map attempts to translate the notations, as well as interpret the geography and illustrated locations. Every aspect is broken down and dissected by Lostpedia, in the hope that the map can give insight insight into the mysteries surrounding the Initiative and their works (Read More...)

Week 49, 2006

Art1c 2

The first ever Lost mystery was how the passengers of Flight 815 survived the plane crash on the island. The Mid-air break-up article aims to piece together a timeline of the event, drawing in information from passenger testimonies and shots from the Others' camp. Covered with images to illustrate each significant point, this page gives a detailed account of everything learnt so far, in an attempt to solve this fundamental fan question "How did the plane crash?" (Read More...)

N.B. Don't forget to also click the new "theories" tab function, to see all Lostpedian theories on the topic.

Week 48, 2006

Normal season3promo11

A courageous leader, Sayid Jarrah is a Middle section survivor of Flight 815, highly regarded by his peers for his vital skills. In the past Seasons, Sayid maintained a conservative manner which reflected both his strength and spirituality, but also revealed his attempts of redemption for a tormenting past. From the French castaway, who is trapped for 16 years, to the electromagnetic anomaly and recently the existence of the eyepatch man, Sayid's skills were always used as a plot device in revealing more of Lost's secrets. Learn about Sayid's dilemma, and discover how the skills of a prominent character are employed in the development of the storyline... (Read More)

Week 47, 2006

Logo pychology test

So far, a total of nine DHARMA logos have been officially released as part of Lost and The Lost Experience. Whilst many fans can identify The Swan or The Pearl, far fewer have seen designs featured in the Sri Lanka video, or the Psychology test video. Since the start of Season 2, these designs have become iconic symbols amongst fans worldwide. Discover the different meanings for each image, which have been uniquely listed for easy navigation. (Read More...)

Week 46, 2006


From spoiler commercials to a hostile takeover, the United Kingdom has certainly had its fair share of Lost drama. Since airing the show, the UK has played host to a special cast advertisement by David LaChapelle, the interestingly mysterious Lost The Untold internet game, as well as interactive real-world treasure hunts as part of the Lost Experience. To celebrate the launch of Season 3 in the UK, discover some of the aspects of Lost internationally that many readers may not even know about. (Read More...)

Now that Lost Season 3 will be aired by Sky, the UK Lost scene will be changing forever, with Channel Four's blog and podcast being removed in late November/December. On behalf of the Lost community, Lostpedia would like to thank C4 for their work over the last few years, especially during the Lost Experience (their involvement in which was purely for the enjoyment of fans).

Week 45, 2006

Hydro final

The Hydra is the latest DHARMA Initiative station seen by the survivors on the island. In fact, it is actually a small island itself, presumably situated off the Northern coast of the "mainland". With Jack, Kate and Sawyer currently held against their will here, we are slowly learning more and more about this mysterious location, which seems to have been originally constructed for zoological research (Read More...)

Week 44, 2006


Jack and Sayid with a compass

Electromagnetism was first mentioned on Lostpedia in response to Sayid's compass, which pointed in the wrong direction during Season 1's Hearts and Minds. Since then, however, electromagnetism has exploded as one of the most incentric themes to the island and its mysteries. With an electromagnetic anomaly in the Swan station, attributed to bringing down Flight 815 itself, electromagnetism definitely seems an aspect of the show that will continue in importance throughout Season 3. (Read More...)

Week 43, 2006


Stephen King

Stephen King, a world-famous author best known for his books that have set a new standard for the horror genre, has made an enduring impact, not just on the Lostpedia community, but in the series for the past three seasons. Whether it be a subtle flash of King’s Hearts in Atlantis sitting on Jack Shephard’s bookshelf or the appearance of the Nozz-A-La cola brand on Henry Gale’s balloon, it has become increasingly obvious that Lost’s creators have a fixation for King and his unique style of storytelling... Read More

Week 42, 2006


Jack Shephard is the leader of the survivors of Flight 815. Jack, a spinal surgeon by trade never asked or wanted to be the leader of the group, it just seemed to naturally fall to him. A meticulously obsessive man, with control issues over situations he doesn't seem to be able to fix, Jack worked with his father Christian at the St. Sebastian Hospital. This was a situation he found hard to deal with at times, especially during his father's alcoholism and when Sarah, Jack's wife and also former patient of his, whose ability to walk he saved despite seemingly incurable injuries, left him for another man. Jack believed it was his father that she was having an affair with, and so confronted him, setting him back on the path of alcoholism he had been clean for 50 days from. This confrontation set the wheels in motion for Jack to be on Flight 815... Read More

Week 41, 2006


During the hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3 of "Lost", the Internet played host to an alternate reality game. Captivating audiences all over the world, the experience followed key protagonist Rachel Blake as she investigated the origins of the Hanso Foundation and the DHARMA Initiative. Lostpedia has taken the liberty of breaking this multi-layered story down, giving those who did not have the time or means to play the interactive experience an article listing every revelation learnt over the course of the summer. The Lost Experience revelations, we hope, will satisfy those who feel that they may have been missing out on important narrative, and we invite you to enjoy the global phonomenon that was the Lost Experience. (Read More)

Week 40, 2006

Henry Gale

Little is known about the Other known as Henry Gale, the stranger who infiltrated the Losties' camp and got under the skin of Locke, amongst others. His position among The Others was highly questioned until the end of Season 2, when he presented himself as "the man behind the curtain". But many wonder, who "Henry Gale" actually is. Is he really the leader of The Others? Is he Kelvin's former partner, Radzinsky? Is he possibly Enzo Valenzetti? Season 3 may answer some of these questions, but undoubtedly creating new ones about Henry as it progresses...(Read More - UK Spoiler Warning in Effect)

Week 39, 2006


Known for her intelligence and manipulative predisposition, Shannon Rutherford was one of the Middle Section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Her prominent personality and selfish attitude led many to underestimate her cunning nature, and dismiss her as just Boone’s little rich stepsister. However, she soon proved herself vital to the survivors' rescue attempts and "special" in a lot of ways…(Read More)

Week 38, 2006


Filmed by Rachel Blake in Mid-July 2006, the Sri Lanka Video reveals what Rachel claims "will tear The Hanso Foundation apart". Rachel revealed the video in fragments, distributed across the Internet as well as in the real-world, and were accessible using clues and glyphs. The last two found glyphs were found on a hunt around Manchester, UK and London, UK. Once completed, the video told us several key pieces of information, including the meaning of The Numbers...(Read More)

Week 37, 2006

Medical hatch

After being discovered by Kate, Rousseau and Claire we found out The Staff was a former DHARMA medical station which had been recently abandoned. Ethan took Claire here when she was kidnapped by him during Season 1. Her flashbacks revealed that she was kidnapped so the medical staff there could take her child, Aaron.

It was in the station that Kate found out that Tom's beard was fake, and that The Others were not entirely what they seemed... (Read More...)

Week 36, 2006


Philosopher Henri-Frederic Amiel once said "analysis kills spontaneity". However, one cannot argue the spontaneity of the Automobiles featured in Lost article as, despite such in-depth research, it remains one of the most random topics on Lostpedia. Witness true overanalysis and see for yourself which of the Lost character has the coolest ride - and don't overlook that Golden Pontiac. (Read More...)

Week 35, 2006

The Losties

Unlike any other Lost website, Lostpedia's Fan Theories section uniquely categorises hypotheses about the mysteries of the show into distinct schools of thought. From the realist theories of the island being a Lost Continent, to the ontological view of Purgatory, Lostpedia maps out each approach and critically analyses them. Discover for yourself which you agree with, and which you think are a little too farfetched...even for this show! (Read More...)

Week 34, 2006

Djdan main

Aired on August 11th, the DJ Dan Live Broadcast gave fans of the Lost Experience a two hour live radio show where the listeners could phone in and, for the first time, actively communicate with characters behind the game. Though this article is perhaps not the most groundbreaking of Lostpedia's pages, it highlights the dedication and hardwork of its united editors, becoming the first and to date only Lost site to transcribe the radio show in its entirity for the benefit of fans worldwide (Read more...)

Week 33, 2006


An assertive and enigmatic young woman, Libby was one of the tail section survivors of Flight 815. Notably the only main character to have had no flashback, Libby's life before the crash, as well as her strange connections to other characters like Hurley and Desmond, remains but a mystery. Indeed, during the LOST Q&A at Comic Con, Libby's backstory was a topic of much debate, with the writers themselves hinting that she is one to watch out for... (Read More)

Week 32, 2006

Black rock
The Black Rock is a British slaving ship that was found about a mile inland on The Island. Its history and reason for being on the island is shrouded in mystery. From documents revealed in The Lost Experience, it was found that the ship was owned and run by the British trading group the New World Sea Traders, a company owned by the grandfather of Alvar Hanso, Magnus Hanso.

This ship disappeared in 1881 on a return voyage from a gold mining operation in the South Indian Ocean. According to the manifest, The Black Rock initially sailed from (and was supposed to return to) slip 23 in Portsmouth, Britain - but no shipping company claimed ownership. A crew of some 40 men, along with an uncounted number of slaves, were presumably lost at sea. (more...)

Week 31, 2006


A Box is a highly variable receptacle. When no shape is described, a typical rectangular box may be expected. Nevertheless, a box may have a horizontal cross-section that is square, elongated, round or oval; sloped or domed top surfaces, or non-vertical sides. Many critics have praised LOST for the way it stretches the concept of a box

What does an ordinary box have to do with Lost? Many things; It is said that the box will play a big part in Season 3, it is rumored to be the reclusive Him, and over-anaysis suggests that the box is a new DHARMA Initiative Station. (Read More)

Week 30, 2006

Station5Pearl logo

The Pearl is DHARMA Initiative station number 5, discovered by Locke and Mr. Eko in episode 2x21, "?". The task of this station, according to its orientation video, was to monitor The Swan station via a Remote Viewing system, in a psychological experiment.

However, the work the Pearl staff were conducting was in fact useless, as notebooks in which observations were made only ended up on a dump, after being sent through the designated pneumatic tube. It seems the Pearl personnel themselves and not the Swan's inhabitants were the actual subjects of the experiment (Read More...)

Week 29, 2006


The Third Policeman, written by Flann O' Brien, was a novel only published posthumously. Desmond was reading this book when Jack, Locke, Kate, and Hurley gained access to the hatch in Man of Science, Man of Faith; it contains many subtle parallels with the situation in the hatch, as well as many elements of the (discounted) Purgatory theory. (Read More...)

Week 28, 2006

Rachel Blake has become a character of considerable mystery and

questions in the Lost Experience. Her website,, is a blog about her vacation to Copenhagen. However, when one uses a password found in the source code of, he/she is taken to Blake's real website, It is in this site that Rachel Blake proclaims her mission to infiltrate and expose the Hanso Foundation, and their evil works. Many speculated that Blake is the hacker known as Persephone, which was recently confirmed in her blog.

Week 27, 2006


A four-toed monument dominates the coastline as Sayid, Jin and Sun look on from the boat in wonder. Seen in the Season 2 finale, the statue has become a popular mystery amongst Lost fans. Discover some of the theories behind its origins, including the clever ruse idea, the evolutionary branch hypothesis, or the more extreme David and Goliath theory... (Read More...)

Week 26, 2006

David LaChapelle is a director and photographer known for music videos and fashion media. LaChapelle was commissioned to create the Lost promotional video for the UK's launch of Lost on Channel 4.
This video was shot in March 2005, and featured the actors from the main cast paired as dancing partners. The original version was set to music by Portishead, while the final version which aired featured a voiceover by the cast members. While familiar to UK viewers, these videos are generally not known to viewers in other countries around the world. For Lostpedia editors, this article is an example of the use of the Deteurocanon Template, for information that is considered to be marginally canonical. Editors are encouraged to join the ongoing policy discussion on Lostpedia's working definition of Lost's Canon. "

Week 25, 2006

Fail safe 1
Do you have the courage to take your finger out of the dam and blow the whole thing up instead? This is the question Kelvin poses to Desmond when he first shows him the fail-safe device at the hatch. This device is a "last resort" method of terminating the magnetic field at The Swan. Would you have the guts to "make it all go away?"

Week 24, 2006

In the season 2 finale, the Charles Dickens novel Our Mutual Friend makes a prominent appearance on Lost. Learn what inspired the executive producers to incorporate this literary reference into the storyline and what parallels it may have with Desmond's backstory.

Week 23, 2006

Locke looked into its eyes. Mr. Eko stared into its heart. The "Monster", aka security system is one of the many unsolved mysteries of Lost. Damon and Carlton have promised more of it next season, and hinted that we may have seen it in season two but didn't realize what it was. Whatever it is, this tree rustling, ground shaking thing is still an enigma to the survivors.

Week 22, 2006

Station3Swan logo
The Swan is the third of apparently six stations, all of which seem to thusfar be situated underground. It is designed for a two member team to live inside, and has many ammenities of life, including ample food supplies. The occupants are to input the the numbers into the computer every 108 minutes, in order to prevent a system failure. The station was likely badly damaged, and possibly even destroyed, during the season 2 season finale.

Week 21, 2006


Mr. Friendly

Since appearing during the final Episode of Season 1, Exodus: Part 3, and taking part in the kidnapping of Walt and sinking of The Raft, people have been curious as to the origin of Mr. Friendly. Is he Gerald DeGroot? Maybe he is Robert or even the fabled Him? Why the fake beard and did Sawyer really name him after a Muppet? Whatever the questions, Mr. Friendly has been integral to Season 2 in Lost. We don't know a lot about Mr. Friendly, but what we do know has significantly changed the thinking of Lostites about the direction of the TV show so far... (Read More...)