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Job List - The job list provides users with editing ideas if you're stuck for something to do. It gives examples like:

  • Stubs, where we always have small articles that need more information and research.
  • Rewrites, where you can help add eloquent prose to tacky articles.
  • Cleanup, where you can sweep away outdated theories, and make overblown edits more concise.
  • Orphaned Pages, where you can help lonely pages make new friends. Interlink these pages with complementary pages.

Voice your opinion!
- Lostpedia values the opinions of all editors. We have a number of articles nominated for "discussion", a "rename", "merge" or even "deletion". You can add your opinions on the discussion pages of the articles, and help provide a good consensus when trying to make decisions. You can also add new articles to the categories, giving reasons why you feel there should be a change made.

Article of the Week
- Nominate a defining article for the front page that truly deserves recognition, or vote whether you think a suggested nomination makes the grade. You can help Lostpedia notice the fantastic standard we know all our editors strive for!

Got an idea?
- If you have any suggestions on how to improve Lostpedia, or a fun idea for a future project or feature, visit Lostpedia:Ideas and see what others think!

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New Pages

New Pages - New pages are being added to Lostpedia on a constant basis. The newest 8 pages are listed below. As they are new, are likely to need to work in order to bring them up to a good standard.

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Stay in touch
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Lostpedia's forum is here to keep you in touch with the community. You can use this to discuss Lost and Lostpedia, collaborate on projects, play games, or just have a good chat! A good relationship between editors can hugely advance the site, as coordinated group efforts can often have a profound influence on articles!

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Lostpedia wishes to build upon the fantastic community that for over two and a half years has provided high-level analysis and encyclopedic integrity to readers worldwide. Thus, we feel a blog is a great way for us to talk about what's going on with the site, as well as naturally reviewing latest aired episodes from our extremely diligent point of view! Visit the Lostpedia Blog for all the latest stories!

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Twitter Updates

Visit our Twitter page to follow us.
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Active Projects
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The active projects area is designed to give users ideas of what needs editing on Lostpedia. Separate to the general job list, the Projects page gives specific examples of articles that need considerable work and updating. You can help Lostpedia by getting involved, and users who do so will be recognized by the community for fixing a real problem!

This area of the site was formerly known as Article Attack. See here for award archives.

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If you ever have any problems editing, always ask for help - the community is designed to encourage everyone to be their best. Consult the help pages and general usage guide for some written manuals, or contact a fellow user or SysOp for more personal advice by leaving a message on their talk page (Discussion tab). Namaste!