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Blue check.gif This page is a style guide for Lostpedia. The consensus of many editors formed the conventions described here. Lostpedia articles should heed these guidelines. Feel free to update this page as needed, but please use the discussion page to propose major changes.

This policy regards naming articles for character articles. The following policy is based on current formats used throughout the wiki and a general consensus as the most logical way of naming article as decided by the Sysops and registered users.

Background Characters

  • Background characters are characters who do not have lines in the show. They are therefore not credited or given character names by ABC. A background character can only be named when a name is presented for them by another character on the show even if they do not speak it.
  • Cases where the name is ambiguous in the episode should be avoided. Unless it is apparent to whom the name belongs it should not be assumed, until proven.
  • Fan made names are not considered canon unless widely accepted across the online Lost community. Even so, fan made names will very rarely be accepted and be treated on a case by case basis. Sysops should be contacted with regards to creating a character's article based on a fan made name. Talk:Background Cast should also be used as a means of discussion creation of the new article.
  • It is only recommended that background cast articles be created using fan made names (if approved by Sysops and community) should the character have played a role in the show that has some significance. In other words, if there is nothing to put on the character page once created, do not create it.

Minor Characters

  • A minor character is a character portrayed by a guest star whom has at least one line in the television show and was officially credited by ABC or ABC Medianet. For all minor character articles will be named according to official releases by ABC unless information to expand the name is provided directly from show.
  • Once an article name is changed based of knowledge learned from the show the name of that article is treated using the rules established for main characters (see below).
  • Names will only be changed should the knowledge or extra information provided through the show be valid and informative. I.e. we will not rename based on nicknames used in the show.

Main Characters

The following rules apply to all main or prominent characters (more then 2 or 3 appearances and part in overall Lost plot) as well as minor characters whom we have been provided more information from the show then released by ABC or ABC Medianet (see above). The following rules should generally be followed:

  • Officially credited names are used until more information is provided from the television show.
  • Articles should be named with the following format "Given Name (Space) Surname." e.g. Jack Shephard
  • If a character has a nickname which is used more commonly then the given name the character's article will be named with the nickname in quotations between the given and surnames. e.g. James "Sawyer" Ford.
  • If a character is referred to be a shortened form of the given name more often then by the full given name itself, the short form of the given name will be used in place of the given name in the article title. A short form is any name commonly associated with a given name or that is derived from the given name. Issues regarding what is referred to as a short form should be discussed via the appropriate talk page or with a Sysop. e.g. Kate Austen
  • Middle names should not be included in article titles unless the character is referred to using the middle name regularly on the show.
  • Regularly is defined as the most commonly used form or name used to refer to the character in question.

Other Points

  • All information related to character names that are revealed in media's other then the official TV Show should be discussed via the appropriate talk pages. Canonicity must be regarded and whether it contradicts information already learned via the TV show.
  • When information learned in an outside media source is accepted however later contradicted the information from the show itself shall be considered correct and any information learned in the other media (which was contradicted) should be forgotten completely. The two should not be mixed.