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Lostpedia Administrators (en)

User Op Date Bio
LostpediaAdmincreator & original owner of this wikiAdmin (aka Kevin) is the man behind Lostpedia. He originally built the site to find the answers to the show, as well as pick up wiki skills. Since then, he has been surprised by how quickly the site has taken off.

 Plkrtn  talk  contribs  email 24 January 2006Plkrtn hails from the UK, and works across the site, spreading his work load between graphic design as well as wiki and forum moderation. Along with Jabberwock, he designed the now famous Lostbook skin for the site.

   Jabberwock    talk    contribs    email  25 March 2006Jabberwock is from Chicago, IL. He designed the Lostbook skin with Plkrtn, theory tab extension, and is a strong template coder.

 Robert K S 11 February 2008Robert K S, a long time contributor from Ohio, became a SysOp in February 2008 as Season 4 had just started. He helped revive the Featured article of the Week, has contributed a number of transcripts, and occasionally takes a hunting knife to "Unanswered questions" sections.

Blueeagleislander4 August 2008Blue eagle islander is a South Australian user who first came to Lostpedia during The Lost Experience. He is also a regular on the Lostpedia IRC channel, under the name "Bleag". He was made a SysOp in August 2008.

 CTS  Talk   Contribs 10 November 2008CTS is a user who first came to Lostpedia prior to the airing of Season 4. He has made many contributions to the site, and loves to contribute to episode and character articles. He was made a SysOp in November 2008.

 Sam McPherson  T  C  E 11 March 2009Hailing from Alabama, Sam McPherson joined Lostpedia during early season 3. He enjoys writing the biographies for character articles. He can occasionally be found on the forums. He was made a SysOp in March 2009.

Jim in Georgia Contribs Talk 23 March 2010A retired soldier and retired database developer, Jim settled in the mountains of North Georgia. A fan since the pilot, Jim began lurking at Lostpedia in late 2007 or early 2008 and made his first edit in April 2008. He's around most days. He enjoys keeping the content of theory pages in line with Lostpedia policy. He has written a number of "excellent" theories, not a single one of which has ever proven to be correct. He was made a SysOp in March 2010.

Orhan949 April 2010 Orhan hails from Bitola, Macedonia. He joined Lostpedia after watching Season 1 in Macedonia, just as Season 3 was ending in the USA. On Lostpedia, Orhan has worked on voice actor and guest actor projects, as well as categorizing theory articles with nav-templates, and currently updates and reworks the Wiki's portals. He was made a SysOp in April 2010.

Baker10002 August 2011 Baker1000 is from an Island called the United Kingdom. He began watching Lost in 2005, and discovered Lostpedia during The Lost Experience in 2006. Since then he has been a regular editor on the site. He was made a SysOp in August 2011.

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